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5 Types of Life Coaches and How They Can Help You Take Control

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5 Types of Life Coaches and How They Can Help You Take Control

More and more people are living their best lives thanks to personalized guidance and training. Subsequently, life coaches are having a moment!

You’re interested in giving it a shot but are new to the scene. As such, you may be wondering which type of life coach is right for you. Or maybe you didn’t even know there were different kinds!

To that end, today, we’re exploring five types of life coaches and how they can help you blossom into the best version of yourself.

Business Life Coaches

Are you starting a new venture and looking to reshape your lifestyle to accommodate the change? Or maybe you’re the director of Human Resources at a company that’s interested in exploring productivity training options. Either way, hiring a business life coach may be a novel and effective solution.

Working with someone who knows how to pave a path to success can be invaluable for entrepreneurs. For businesses recruiting outside assistance, introducing someone new could be the shakeup team members need to jump start their efforts.

Typically, business life coaches help with motivation, advanced strategy, and workplace accord.

Intuitive Life Coaches

Intuitive life coaches focus on a person’s past, traumas, and natural intuitions. Practitioners specializing in this niche deal with issues related to self-esteem, self-determination, finding a passion, confidence, and other emotional lifestyle matters.

Some intuitive life coaches may also help clients hone their spiritual side, whether with God, universal energy, or other cosmic forces.

Financial Life Coaches

As the name suggests, financial life coaches endeavor to get you in the green! They’ll teach you budgeting techniques, in addition to investment and saving strategies. If qualified, these types of life coaches can also help clients develop a healthier relationship with money, which may involve behavioral counseling.

Some people are embarrassed to work with a financial coach — but they shouldn’t be! A lot of adults need assistance getting their money ducks in a row. It’s a lot more common than you may imagine. Moreover, if you think about it for a second, we’re never really taught best practices for managing our financial lives.

Ultimately, a monetary coach can put you on the road to financial freedom, whether you’re starting in the negative or looking to grow a small nest egg.

Divorce Life Coaches

Divorce can be difficult, especially for people exiting long-time marriages. Living alone, re-entering the dating pool, and learning how to be civil with your ex can all be challenging transitions. And that’s where a divorce coach can help. For many folks, they make a world of difference.

Moreover, having a coach to whom you can spill your thoughts and emotions is a boon for your mental health.

Note, however, that divorce coaches cannot give legal advice unless they’re also licensed attorneys.

Personal Development Life Coaches

Are you stuck in a rut and looking to forge a new path? If so, enlisting a personal development coach may be the push you need. Simply stated, they’ll help you become who you want to be.

Whether you’ve taken a 30-year detour and are now looking to get back on track, or you’re just starting out and could benefit from the support of someone with life experience, a personal development coach may be a super investment.

Wrapping Up

Sure, self-help books, podcasts, and channels are everywhere, but enlisting an IRL coach to hold you accountable and serve as a sounding board elevates the experience.

Psychologists and therapists are super for sorting through emotional baggage, and they tend to focus on your mental health. Working with a life coach can also boost your mood and improve your outlook, but the crux of the work is on developing a plan and reaching goals.

So ask yourself what you need. If getting on track with a new venture or life change is your top priority, a business, financial, or personal development life coach may help. If working through past traumas and emotional issues is your goal, enlisting a counselor, intuitive life coach, or both may be the ideal option.

Whichever you choose, good luck on your journey.

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