5 Things Small Business Owners Can Learn From Show Business


Don’t think traditional business and show business have anything in common? Think again! In this article we take a look at some lessons you can learn from show business and apply them to your own business to allow it to prosper and grow.

5 Things Small Business Owners Can Learn From Show Business
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It might feel like your small business is a million miles away from the glitz and glamour of show-business, but…OK, they are a million miles apart. However, distance is no barrier to learning, not in this day and age, and the fact is that there’s much for a small business owner to learn from the world of show business. Take a read below, and you might just find that you’re able to add a twinkle of stardust to your daily hustle.

Start With Passion

Do you have any idea how competitive show business is? It’s next level! If you don’t have the passion that’ll enable you to pick yourself up when you’re down, to put in the long hours needed to take your business to the next level and to have utter belief in yourself, then there’s only so far you can go. You might look at the stars of screen and stage as “being lucky,” but remember it was a big labour of love to get them to that stage. All your seeing is the reward. Combine passion with a tendency to work hard, and you’re onto a winning formula.

Be Ambitious

You’re a small business owner right now, but remember, The Beatles were once a small band. And just like they worked their way out of the tiny Cavern Club in Liverpool, you can work yourself out of your home office (if you so wish). The biggest stars never rest on their laurels; they challenge themselves, ask for more, and go to new places that no-one has ever been before. If you’ve been playing it safe when it comes to your business, it might be time to take the reins off somewhat and see where your ambition can take you.

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The Art Of A Good Deed

It’s easy to view the people involved in show business as selfish or all about themselves, but that’s just not the case. People who have been successful nearly always give back in one way or another. At an award ceremony for Coran Capshaw, Dave Matthews said: “it’s an incredible gift to be able to help out your fellow human beings in any way possible.” And it’s true; it really is. While you might not have the same means as a celebrity, there’s still much you can do. Your business can sponsor a local team, donate to good causes, or anything else that improves the world in any small way.

From Passion To Profit

Stay Relevant

Do you ever think about a celebrity and think, “what happened to them?” They disappeared because they were no longer relevant, and your business will go the same way if you’re no longer relevant, too. Move with the times, don’t be afraid to change, and you’ll be able to match the longevity of the Rolling Stones (who are still going!).

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Be the Real You

Finally, remember to follow your heart and trust your instincts. Do anything else, and you won’t get very far. Be you, be bold, and make sure the world knows what you’re all about.


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