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3 Ways To Become A More Productive YouTuber

3 Ways To Become A More Productive YouTuber

3 Ways To Become A More Productive YouTuber

Have you not been feeling very productive lately? Well, you aren’t alone. The whole country seems to have hit a productivity slump with UK productivity levels only increasing by 0.5% in 2018, compared to the previous year.

Being productive is not necessarily about working harder. Your focus instead should be about working smarter and finding ways to use your time more effectively.

If you are a YouTuber, then productivity is incredibly important. Creating regular content is paramount to maintaining a relevant and engaging channel. But it can feel like a lot of work, from coming up with ideas to creating the content and getting it ready to post on your channel.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using older equipment or have purchased the best Professional Audio Video Equipment in Singapore, if you’re in a rut then your output just won’t be as good and your audience will start to notice. Don’t worry though, there are some simple ways to boost your YouTube productivity and help you create great content that everyone will love. Read on to find out our 3 top tips to stay a productive and motivated YouTuber.

Create a YouTube Content Schedule

Planning and scheduling what you need to do each day at least a week in advance will be an enormous boost for your content productivity. Create a to-do list for every day and then keep referring back to it so you always know what needs to be done and when.

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Do you struggle to fit everything into one day? Me too! There are ways that you can start to manage your time in order to get all your important tasks done and still find time for some well earned "me time" too.

Keeping a list of what you need to complete each day, and importantly, regularly looking at it, will help to keep you on track and focused. Plan exactly when you want to film new videos, when to edit them and when you will post them on your channel. Ideally, try to plan a month in advance. This will really help you with organising shoots around anything else you have going on and should also take a lot of the pressure off you.

Keep A Note of All Your Video Ideas

With around 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute, you need to be posting quality, engaging and high-ranking YouTube videos that people want to watch. You shouldn’t just wait until it’s time to make a new video for when you come up with an idea.

Make a note of any ideas that pop into your head that could eventually become a video. Even the ideas that seem a little crazy or off the wall, they can sometimes become the best content.

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Keep a notebook with you wherever you go, or download an app like Evernote to note down all your ideas as you get them. Then when it comes to making the video, you’ve got lots of ideas and topics all ready for you to choose from.

Edit YouTube Videos in Bulk

Around 37.1 million people use YouTube in the UK, making it the country’s second most favourite social media channel after Facebook. So you need to be focused on uploading videos regularly to your channel. A key way to use your time most effectively is at the editing process.

Instead of simply making a new video when you have a new idea, plan a group of videos in advance. Put together your ideas and then film and edit them all in one stage. You can use a top quality mobile device to make films. You can also see here how to download YouTube videos on mobile.

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Filming one video and then editing it, then doing the same for the next is a really inefficient way to work. Meanwhile, if you film and edit in bulk, then you can increase your productivity and output.

Creating regular YouTube content may feel like a lot of work, but using your time more effectively, can make a huge difference in the number and quality of videos you are uploading.

Are you a YouTuber? Let us know your productivity tips in the comments below.

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