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Manage Your Time Wisely: How To Avoid Burnout And Stay Productive

Manage Your Time Wisely: How To Avoid Burnout And Stay Productive

Manage Your Time Wisely: How To Avoid Burnout And Stay Productive

Until recently, it was commonly believed that people whose professional activities are directly related to other people are potentially affected by burnout. Observations of the last 2-3 years show that the area of ??distribution of the “bacillus” of burnout is becoming wider. The reason for this is our hyperdynamic time.

And in order to learn how to remain productive in such close to extreme conditions and to prevent emotional burnout, it is necessary to learn how to properly plan your time and resources. In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

Rethink the Concept of Productivity

Perhaps you have your own, hypertrophied interpretation of the concept of productivity. Having heard it, you think that you need to actively work on something that gives a tangible result. In other words, you want others to see the fruits of your labor.

Following this approach, you are involved in huge projects. As a result, you continue to carry out your tasks until late, when your family has been sleeping for a long time. On weekends, you also get to work in order to complete several tasks and provide yourself with a more relaxed week.

What is the result? You do not get enough sleep, do not rest and feel exhausted. You cannot remember the last time you actually relaxed. You will not remember the day when thoughts of work did not haunt you with the enthusiasm of a maniac.

If you still decide to give yourself time to relax, you will encounter a new problem – guilt. Therefore, you continue to work to avoid this unpleasant feeling and to be “productive”.

And how to get out of this vicious circle? Start with the main thing: rethink the concept of “productivity.” Stop associating it with endless work.

Cory Neal, COO at the Word Point states: “Being productive means doing an adequate amount of work per day and still have a supply of strength for personal affairs.If our employees were not able to do anything other than endless translations, our company could not continue to show high-quality work.”

Remember About Your Right to Say No

Yes. This is hard. Especially if you are accustomed from childhood to feel obligated to everyone who asks you about something.

In order not to bring your body to a breakdown, review your work and think about this. Is your professional activity itself associated with high responsibility, or have you additionally taken away part of the work that your colleagues or boss can do?

Usually, hyper responsible people find themselves in such a situation. And the price for this is their own health. Define for yourself the boundaries of your authority. Sometimes it’s useful to stop and think: what is all this for? An honest answer to this question will help to rethink the purpose of your life, your attitude to the family, for which there is constantly not enough time.

Avoid Conflicts

Not all collectives and teams have a friendly relationship. But in any case, the atmosphere in the team is, of course, of great importance for the psycho-emotional state of any person.

We spend most of our lives at work and sometimes communicate with colleagues more than even with relatives and friends. If you often have conflicts with someone, try to look at the situation from the outside and understand what exactly leads to them. Perhaps the reason is in yourself.

In general, try to more easily perceive conflicts with work colleagues. If you cannot avoid them, then at least minimize their harmful effects. Ignore any provocation to drag you into conflict and do not participate in the conflict of other team members.

Compensate for All Resources Spent

In order to avoid burnout, it is important to understand that in each of the life roles, a give-take balance must be observed. But there are roles in which such a balance cannot be achieved. For example, these are parental and work obligations. The more of these unbalanced roles we have, the more internal energy we give away without receiving anything in return.

90% of office employees are emotionally exhausted. If your life has a lot of obligations and you give a lot to others, do not wait for gratitude. This is your choice. If your life is concentrated only on work – this is the way to nowhere. It is important for a modern employee to increase the areas of I and Want. We must find goals, hobbies, activities from which we will receive a resource, and compensate for the expended forces.

For example, 8 hours of sedentary work should be offset by 1 hour of physical activity. And this should be the activity that gives you pleasure. In addition, this activity should be directed only to health, and not to the ego. Do not follow the example of pumped bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts who deliberately deplete certain parts of the body or joints.

Plan Your Tomorrow Today

Fuzzy and incorrect planning of professional activities also leads to stressful situations. As a result, you don’t know what to grab, you don’t have time to finish important things. And by the end of the working day, a bunch of unfulfilled work remains, and it grows day after day.

A constant avalanche of unfinished tasks affects your psycho-emotional state. Such seemingly trifles as notifications on a mobile phone, conversations of colleagues about nothing, intrigues in the team also prevent us from concentrating on work. Such minor chronic stresses, repeated many times during the day, week, month, are detrimental to our psyche.

Therefore, start by drawing up a plan for the working day – determine what matters need to be done in the first place, and which tasks are less important. Make your workplace as comfortable as possible. Try to rule out anything that annoys you every day. Do small timeouts periodically – switch from one activity to another.

And One More Reason to Consider

When a race car arrives at the finish line, the mechanics carefully inspect and repair it. Unfortunately, in relation to our own body and soul, we do not always behave as wisely.

Observance of the simple rules of daily self-care and “recharging the batteries” will allow you not only to withstand a professional “long-distance race”, but also to enjoy and enjoy the process.

It is important to understand that our internal resource is not infinite. Changes occur so quickly that companies do not have time to adapt their motivation systems. It is necessary to self-motivate, to find new meanings and goals. And of course – to understand where and for what purpose you give your energy, and where you get the result, compensation and a new portion of internal resources.

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