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How Are Robots Taking Productivity To The Next Level?

November 16, 2022 By Katlyn Phelps

As you read these lines, around 2.7 million industrial robots are working, and every year, around 400,000 new robots are created. Far from being limited to industries such as vehicle manufacturing or construction, robots are becoming a more important part of everyday life, with around 88%of companies planning to invest in them or add robotics to their businesses in some capacity. So who's making the most of Robots in their businesses?…more »



Practical Ways To Boost Productivity Through Better Supply Chain Management

April 11, 2022 By Katlyn Phelps

Coming on the back of issues such as a shortage of lorry drivers and Brexit-related complications, the renewed crisis can wreak havoc on productivity, but that doesn’t mean your only option is to sit back and watch while your business flounders instead of thriving. You can boost productivity through better supply chain management.…more »

People Skills


Leadership Development Is Vital For A Healthier Bottom Line

January 10, 2022 By Katlyn Phelps

In September 2016, the Chartered Management Institute reported that an incredible 70 percent of businesses are not providing even basic leadership training to new managers.That figure has shown no reduction in the intervening five years. But not providing adequate leadership training can have a huge impact on your bottom line…more »



How Can Music Help Boost Your Productivity?

October 2, 2021 By Katlyn Phelps

Research conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security showed that brain music - which relies on music created in advance from the listener’s own brain waves to help battle insomnia, fatigue, and stress-related headaches, can help boost productivity, cognitive development, learning, and emotional wellbeing.…more »



Outsourcing: The Key To Working Smarter Instead Of Harder

August 3, 2021 By Katlyn Phelps

65% of small businesses and 81% of medium-sized companies in the UK outsource some areas of their enterprise. The main rationale behind subcontracting some jobs is the insufficiency of internal expertise. Businesses prefer to contract experts in these areas for improved results, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing also helps companies control capital costs and help them prioritise their core business. It levels the playing field so that even startups can compete with the giants. While outsourcing is not without its risks, entrepreneurs can be astute about it by applying the following techniques.…more »



Effective Ways To Successfully Balance Remote Work And Studying

June 1, 2021 By Katlyn Phelps

Working from home has become the norm for most British employees in 2020, and a new study has shown that remote working may be here to stay. According to research involving more than 900 organisations, almost 75 percent of employees intend to continue with increased home working in the coming years.…more »



Turning Idle Hours Into Investment Gains

April 6, 2021 By Katlyn Phelps

The amount of time spent in or out of the home is, of course, reliant on the occupation. That being said, ONS statistics suggest that many British people have gained up to two free hours every day, reclaiming their travel time and their time spent outside of the home. Already this is being turned into better levels of rest, with the average amount of time spent relaxing at a higher level than at any point since records began. This spare time holds an opportunity, however, for would-be home bound investors. As recent events have shown, there has seldom been a better time to turn your attention to current events, and then turn that knowledge into money on the stock market.…more »

Health & Well-Being


Boosting Your Productivity By Boosting Your Immune System

February 2, 2021 By Katlyn Phelps

Having a healthy immune system is important at the best of times, but with the colder coughs and sneezes season rearing its head, staying on top of your immunity is a must if you want to stay productive.…more »

Home Office


The Shift To Remote Working: Will Productivity Be Improved Or Hindered?

October 13, 2020 By Katlyn Phelps

While there was a larger, health-driven reason behind the acceleration of remote working this year, experts have been commenting on the increased productivity that remote working can provide alongside other benefits. However, there have also been some well-noted drawbacks of working remotely for employers. Now, questions are being raised about the feasibility of a permanent move to a remote working model. Will business organisations embrace remote working and experience increased productivity?…more »

Office Productivity


Smart Ways To Build A Positive And Productive Restaurant Culture

August 26, 2020 By Katlyn Phelps

Stress is a fact of life in the food service industry, and most restaurant workers work hard to cope with it on their own as they make a living. But as food and beverage industry workers deal with the effects of constant stress, a recent study has revealed that the hectic - and sometimes, toxic - environment in the food and service industry can have a negative impact on workers’ mental health.…more »

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