3 Upgrades You Definitely Need in Your Bathroom


We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms – it’s one of the main places in the house that we can relax and unwind without interruption. In this article we look at 3 additions to your bathroom you need to make to ensure it’s as relaxing as possible.

3 Upgrades You Definitely Need in Your Bathroom
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The bathroom has to be one of the most used rooms in the house. From taking long, warm baths to simply hanging out reading the newspaper, people invest hundreds of hours inside their bathrooms. According to research, women spend seven months and fifteen days annually in their bathrooms, and men spend one month less.

Spending time in the bathroom makes you rethink the money investment you’ve put in there. Have you gotten it painted recently? Has the tapping system been changed? Have you installed new appliances to ensure your time spent in there is made more relaxing? If none of the answers are true, you definitely need an update in the most soothing room in your house.

Long baths, blow drying hair, shaving, and all other grooming activities are carried out in your bathroom you’ve left out in terms of an upgrade. It’s time to change the game. Here are a few very cool upgrades you definitely need in your bathroom to get more comfortable and enjoy the time spent in there:

1. Shower Heads

Long baths can never be compromised! After a long, tiring day at work, what’s the first thing you do to release all the stress and rid your body of the debris? Hit the shower. This is where all the magic happens. Scented and bubbly showers release stress like sand from hands!

If you have a boring shower head that only lets little water through, you’re missing out on a lot. There are new “rain” shower heads which literally pour rain all over you! The head of the shower is as wide as an average human body and it has massive pores. The pores let out an amazing quantity of water that makes you feel like you’re standing under your personal cloud. Did you just imagine standing under your own cloud? Well, we sure did! And you can read all about these rain shower heads on this website.

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2. Floating Vanities

If you’ve been watching Gossip Girl or Sex in the City, you totally understand this! Every woman needs the perfect vanity where she feels no less than a Hollywood celebrity. Your experience with your bathroom vanity should be no less than a studio BTS from Milano’s fashion show.

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Floating vanity is the new trend for your bathroom makeup and hair space. Floating vanities basically attach to the back of the wall, leaving foot room in the bottom. You can place your slippers, heels or your most wearable work shoes underneath the vanity. The floating vanity combined with a bulb-lit mirror is just what you need!

3. Radiant Heat Floors

Stepping out of the shower, what do you dread the most? Stepping on the cool tiles! Here’s a way to avoid that. Get radiant heat flooring in your bathroom and avoid cold feet, literally. Radiant heat flooring is a heating system which can be installed underneath cool surfaces in the bathroom such as tiles and marbles.

These heating systems can be your favorite solution to showering in the winters and enjoying the warmth throughout the bathroom. This is a reliable solution to catching a cold due to an immediate contact with cool surface after a warm bath. You no longer have to worry about getting your favorite mauve tiles because this system will ensure secretly encapsulating underneath them, promising warmth like a cozy rug!

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