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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Better Parcel Drop Boxes For Your Home

Carboard box on a porch outside a white front door

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Better Parcel Drop Boxes For Your Home Staff
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Are you missing the deliveries of your parcels? Are you facing parcel theft problems in your neighborhood? Are you canceling your plans so that you can be home when your parcel arrives?

The hassle is real. But you can quickly solve all these problems by installing a parcel drop box for your home. And it is worth the investment.

Procuring a parcel drop box for your home comes with a myriad of advantages. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons you should invest in a good parcel drop box. Dive in to learn more!

What Is A Parcel Drop Box?

A parcel delivery box is a large container capable of storing more than your mail. A conventional mailbox would not hold large packages, whereas a parcel drop box can. It can further be wall-mounted or kept on the floor based on the type of packages you receive.

It additionally goes by a variety of names such as parcel letterbox, secure delivery box, lockable parcel box and so on.

The parcel drop boxes these days have evolved and come with various features. For example, you can buy insulated ones to protect perishable goods such as groceries. You can also lock and unlock your parcel drop box with your phone, adding a security layer to your parcels.

Buying one for your home is easy too. You can search where to buy parcel boxes to get started. You can compare the drop boxes and purchase one that best suits your needs.

Reasons Why A Parcel Drop Box Is A Good Investment

A parcel drop box can be an excellent addition to your home and worth the investment. Some of the times when a parcel drop box comes in handy include the following.

Protect Perishables

If you buy groceries online, then having a parcel drop box can be helpful to you. Especially if it gets delivered when you are not home. With a parcel drop box, you can ensure that the groceries are stored properly until you reach home.

Perishables such as groceries are sensitive to environmental conditions. If you leave the deliveries out in the open for a long time, they run the risk of getting rotten.

Thankfully, parcel drop boxes these days come with insulated interiors and environmental protection. This protects your groceries from getting spoilt by the external environment.

These kinds of parcel drop boxes can protect your packages from harsh conditions such as scorching heat or pelting rain.

Reduce Risk of Theft

When you leave out your parcels in the open, it increases the risk of theft.

You can ask your friends or neighbors to hold on to your parcels for the time being. But doing this frequently can be inconvenient for both of you.

You can avoid all these hassles by installing a parcel drop box in your home. It additionally gives you a sense of peace that your parcels are safe.

Home parcel boxes have significantly advanced and come with self-locking mechanisms embedded in them. A hinged lid remains unlocked when the drop box is empty but locks immediately when a parcel is placed inside.

Avoid Missed Deliveries

Receiving your parcels when you are planning to go out is the worst. Now you have to wait indefinitely for your package to arrive before stepping out of your home.

You can still go out and receive and hold your parcels safely if you have a lockable parcel box.

Since the parcel drop box can lock automatically and hold it, you do not have to worry about your parcels until you reach home.

In addition, you can hold your parcels indefinitely if you are on vacation. If you opt for a large one, it can easily store multiple packages you receive during the time you are away.

Prevent Opening Doors for Strangers

If you are living alone, then the thought of opening your door to strangers at odd times can be downright frightening.

The delivery companies sometimes work around the clock to clear backlogs, meaning partners knocking on your door late at night. In such cases, opening your door to them might make you anxious.

A parcel drop box can save you from some situations. Every package that gets delivered late at night will stay safe until you wake up. You might want to get a weather-resistant one to protect them overnight, though.

Contactless Delivery

Ever since the global pandemic, contactless delivery has gained popularity.

Contactless delivery is an excellent way of ensuring protection. Especially if you are home quarantining, contactless delivery ensures that you do not put the delivery person at risk. This further reduces the risk of disease spreading.

And a parcel drop box is a sure way of ensuring a seamless delivery without putting you or the delivery person at risk.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Parcel Drop Box

While buying a parcel drop box, it is vital to check the following factors.

    1. The extra security measures of the drop box. This include but are not limited to:
      • Metal boxes to keep the packages safe
      • Automatic lock mechanism to protect the parcels inside
      • Proper means to firmly bolt it to the floor or the wall
  1. The size of the box has to be predetermined. A big one is a better option in most cases. So that even big parcels can fit in easily.
  2. When buying a parcel drop box, make sure to select one that matches the aesthetic of your porch. Since your drop box will be placed in plain sight, taking into account the design is a must.
  3. Make sure to decide whether you want a wall-mounted or floor-mounted drop box. A wall-mounted one can be chosen if you receive lighter packages predominantly. But if you receive heavy boxes, a floor-mounted one can be a better choice for you.

Final Thoughts

A parcel drop box is worth the investment since porch pirates are becoming a problem these days.

Various parcel drop boxes with multiple features are available. With a bit of research, you can buy one that best suits your needs and looks good on your porch.

With a parcel drop box in place, you can go back to your shopping spree without worrying about the safety of your parcel.

Happy shopping!

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