10 Easy Rug Cleaning Hacks Every Lazy Girl Wants To Know About!

10 Easy Rug Cleaning Hacks Every Lazy Girl Wants To Know About!
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Cleaning your rug is giving you a nightmare?

Sending it to dry clean will break your bank and cleaning it by yourself will break your backbone!

Don’t worry we got you covered!

Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is a hell of a job. Not only it takes too much time and effort but cost you a good sum as well. But a clean carpet or rug means a healthy family, safe from bacteria, dirt and germs.

Now the question arises, how to maintain a clean rug which saves your efforts, money and time?

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Usually, when we want to clean our rugs, we either plan it on weekends since it takes an entire day to complete, or else we take a day off from our job and clean it. But some rug cleaning hacks are so simple and easy that you can do it while sipping your glass of wine. I am not kidding, it’s true!

Let’s show you how!

Clean stains with baking powder

On every carpet, you can find stains here and there, which not only looks terrible but also makes it look old too. That is why instead of scrubbing your entire carpet or rug, you can use an easy tip to remove all stains. Mix baking powder, detergent, vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it all over your carpet especially on the stains. Leave it on your carpet for 10 minutes, mop it with clean water. You can also use a steam vacuum cleaner to get away with all the stains and dirt.

Make a carpet freshener with essential oils

We all wish our carpet would smell like it came out straight from a dry cleaner, without any odor of food, pet urine and dust. But don’t spend hundreds of dollar to get this smell, invest few dollars on essential oil of your choice and make a carpet freshener by yourself. Mix baking powder with few drops of essential oil and pour mixture in a spray bottle full of water. Shake it will, your carpet freshener is ready to be used. Spray it all over your carpet and use your vacuum cleaner as you do or else wipe it with clean water to get fresh carpet every day.

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Remove rug dents with ice cubes

Many times our carpet get the dents from furniture or any weight it gets for a long time. These dents are not easily removed and that is why you have to make so many efforts but not anymore. Place few ice cubes on the rug and let it sit for few minutes. Once the ice cubes are melted, place a moist towel on the top of your dent and let it sit for a ten minutes more. Now once the excess water is dried and the place is still wet, you can take iron and start ironing the place on cotton setting. Do it for few minutes until all the water is dry and with your hands lift the carpet up. Let your carpet air dry and watch your dent getaway in no time.

Remove chewing gum with ice cubes

Nothing looks nastier than chewing gum sticking on your carpet or rug. Not only it is impossible to remove it, but also it sticks more dirt and dust in it. But you can remove chewing gum from your carpet using ice cubes. Place few ice cubes on the top of chewing gum and let it sit for few minutes, with the help of small brush or old toothbrush scrub the surface and remove the chewing gum.

Use iron for tough stains

Some tough stains are hard to remove and detergent can’t do it alone. That is why you need something else to do the job. Make a mixture of water, detergent and baking powder in equal parts and place this thick mixture on the top of tough stains. Leave it for few minutes, now put a damp cloth on the top of the stain and iron it gently. Wipe off the mixture with clean water, scrub the surface if required.

Hard bristle brush for pet hair

When you have pets at home, you have to deal with their hair too. That is why you can see many tips and tricks on how to get rid of pet hair from the rugs and carpets. The hard bristle brush is its ultimate answer. You can use a hard brush on your carpet manually or the brush which is provided with the vacuum cleaner works wonders for removing the pet hair. But make sure that you remove hair from the bristles to get better results.

Flip the shag rug for better and deeper cleaning

The shag rugs are the hardest to clean. The dirt and dust can pile up inside it which is harder for the vacuum cleaner to catch. That is why most of the shag rugs are the direst among all the rugs of your home, as well as since they are quite heavy, you can have trouble lifting them up. Therefore flip it over and vacuum its back side. Usually, this place deposits all the dust and once it is flipped, the dirt can fall off easily. Now sweep the front side to remove any dust and dirt from the surface. Your rug is much cleaner now.

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Glass cleaners for coffee stains

Coffee stains are one of the hardest stains to get off. Even if you wipe it off immediately, some stains remain on the surface. That is why you can use glass cleaners and spray it on the coffee stains. Now take a clean cloth and wipe it off. Repeat the process but this time sprinkle some detergent to get away with every bit of stain and finish it off with a clean damp cloth.

Protect and repair your rug fiber

An excellent piece of the rug can cost you a handsome sum of money and when the rugs are cleaned at home, you might end up damaging your fiber with intense scrubbing and hard bristle brushes. That is why you can use this hack to repair your rug fiber. Dilute some cloth softener in water and spray it all over the surface of your carpet especially places where the thread is damaged. Leave it for a few minutes and clean with mild hot water. You can also place a steam vacuum cleaner to soften your rug fiber and make it as good as new. Add few drops of essential oil of your choice which will make your rug smelling fresh all day long.

Steam vacuum cleaners your ultimate partner

If you want to invest in cleaning your carpet, nothing will work better than the steam vacuum cleaner. Steam vacuum cleaners are not only easy to use, but also it kills all the germs and bacteria at the same time. That is why if you want fresher and cleaner carpets and rugs for the rest of your life, invest in a steam vacuum cleaner and make it happen.

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