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10 Surprising Places To Find Mold And How To Remove It

Person cleaning mold from a vent with a sponge

10 Surprising Places To Find Mold And How To Remove It

If there is excessive mold in your house, it will make your home unlivable. Besides, it will cause health hazards and damage furniture. To keep your house free from mold, you must be aware of the places that can be the breeding ground for mold.

Before jumping into the main discussion, here is why there is mold in your place.

Under Your Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

A dark and high humid environment is the perfect condition for mold to grow rapidly. And kitchen and bathroom sinks offer this environment. So, if you notice condensation in these areas of your house, wipe it with bleach. For cleaning, you can also use a cleaning solution that has hydrogen peroxide in it.

Also, if you notice pipe leakage in the bathroom or kitchen sink, fix it ASAP.

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Around The Boiler

The boiler has its own drain line to remove the excess moisture. However, the drain line can get clogged over time and cause condensation issues. And when there is condensation, mold will start to grow in your place. That is why you must inspect and perform HVAC maintenance tasks regularly.

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Air Ducts

Due to excess humidity in your house, there can be mold in the air ducts of your HVAC system. You can use a dehumidifier to tackle this issue. With a dehumidifier, you can consistently keep the humidity level below 60.

Underneath The Panels And Wallpaper

Mold can be underneath the wallpaper and paneling as well. That’s why before installing the wallpaper, use mold-inhabiting paint to prevent mold growth. Also, check the seam of the floor and ceiling regularly, and as soon as you notice any sign of mold growth, call a mold cleaning company.

Drip Pans Of The Refrigerator

The drip pans of the refrigerator can rarely be seen from the outside, making it easier to ignore its regular cleaning. Besides, as there is not enough air circulation under the refrigerator, it makes the breeding ground for mold to grow.

To keep the refrigerator free from mold, you will have to do a yearly maintenance. Besides, if you want to apply DIY methods to remove the mold from the refrigerator, you can mix white vinegar with water and pour it on the drip pans.

HVAC System

You can find mold in the HVAC system, especially when you neglect the regular HVAC maintenance checkup.

Due to mold build-up in the HVAC unit, you will face issues such as lower IAQ, bad odor, respiratory problems, etc. To prevent mold build-up in the HVAC unit, you will have to clean the air ducts and change the air filter regularly.

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Washing Machine

You can find mold in your home’s washing machine. Usually, the gasket around the door remains wet because the door remains closed all the time. Thus, it doesn’t get time to dry, and this type of wet condition will help the mold to grow.

To prevent this mold formation, either you will have to keep the door of the washing machine open and allow it to dry completely or use a cloth and wipe the water from the surface of the gasket.


Due to excessive dust and less airflow in the attic, there can be mold build-up in your house. And when there is mold in the attic, you will notice water leakage in your home.

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To solve this, you must ensure enough airflow in the attic. Moreover, you will have to inspect the roof periodically and if you find any damage in the roof, repair it ASAP.


If the chimney isn’t capped well, rain, snow, leaves, and organic contaminants will get inside it, and all this will make a perfect breeding ground for mold.

To prevent mold build-up in the chimney, you will first have to ensure that the chimney is covered correctly. And if there is an excess amount of dirt inside the chimney, call a chimney cleaning expert.


Moisture and dirt can quickly accumulate in the carpet, and if it is not cleaned often, you will notice mold in the carpet.

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5 Reasons Why There Is Mold In Your House

High Humidity

Mold grows exponentially in high humid conditions. If you live in an area where humidity or moisture in the air is always high, there is a high possibility of mold infestation in your house. That is why homes in the coastal area have mold issues.

Water Pipe Leakage

Due to water pipe leakage, you can see mold build-up in your house. If you notice mold on the geyser or roof, there is a high possibility of a water pipe leakage in your home.

Improper Ventilation

Apart from the above two reasons, if your house has improper ventilation, you will notice mold in your home.

When you use steam-creating appliances, due to lack of ventilation, steam will get trapped in your house and make the surface sticky, resulting in exponential mold growth.

Person checking a vent duct for mold

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Leaking AC System

If your air conditioning unit has leaks in the air duct, it will cause condensation. Due to condensation, you will notice mold in your AC unit. Usually, this type of mold is allergic and makes people sick in no time. This is why if you have someone in your family with respiratory diseases, you must ensure that there is no leak in the ductwork.


When your home suffers flood damage, you will notice mold everywhere in your house. Usually, it takes around a week to completely dry out the house. But during this time, mold will thrive in that environment to grow rapidly. And this mold can be very toxic and cause severe damage to your health. So, after a flood, always call a mold-cleaning company to eliminate all the mold from your house.


To keep your house free from mold, you will have to ensure that there is no water leakage or water condensation. Besides, you will have to pay special attention to the ventilation.

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