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10 Tips On How To Transform Your Old Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat

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10 Tips On How To Transform Your Old Bathroom Into A Spa Retreat Staff
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If you have seen the light and have decided to renovate your bathroom, then congratulations are in order! Creating a new look for an old room can be difficult. Especially when it’s all about transforming your old bathroom into a spa retreat.

Even though this task can seem daunting, there are ways that you can make this happen without breaking the bank.

Here are ten expert tips on how to transform your old bathroom into a spa retreat.

1. Interior Design Makes All The Difference

The first step in turning your bathroom from drab to fab is interior design. I’m sure many of you have been wondering who thought up those ridiculous mirrored walls? Well, it wasn’t a designer that’s for sure! However, in this day and age design is definitely in.

No matter the size of your bathroom, interior design can be a very simple fix. If you have a small bathroom an easy way to add some style is with furniture or wall art.

The key when choosing accessories is to keep them simple and clutter-free. For larger bathrooms, there are so many options when it comes to interior design from tiles to taps each room can be customized depending on what you want from your spa retreat experience.

2. Mirrors Making Miracles

Mirrors are not only great for helping us fix our hair, but they can also work as art for any room in the house. The large mirror is so overrated it’s time for something new and fresh. With design being an integral part of interior design, mirrors don’t have to be conventional any more.

Think sculptural frames or even funky wallpapers with a reflective finish will give your bathroom that touch of glamour it needs to become a spa retreat.

3. When Porcelain Met Colour

One trend that you should consider when transforming your old bathroom into a spa retreat is porcelain tiles with subtle color combinations. This look always looks elegant, especially in those larger bathroom spaces.

Colored porcelain creates a feeling of luxury so if you want to transform an older bathroom into a spa retreat, this is the way to go.

4. Bid ‘Goodbye’ To Tile

You really need a lot of floor space for tiles but with that being said they are still very popular when it comes down to renovating bathrooms. The best way to transform your old bathroom into a spa retreat without breaking the bank is by getting rid of all those tiles and replacing them with something else.

A great idea is wood which can give off an airy vibe or alternatively vinyl flooring could be another possibility depending on your interior design choices.

5. Low Maintenance Bathrooms

In recent years homeowners have been opting for low maintenance bathrooms. This look has been popularised by Scandinavian interior design and the trend is spreading to other parts of the world too.

For those that want to create a spa retreat in their bathroom but don’t have time to do things like grouting every now and then, this is definitely the way to go.

6. Technology Make Over

Technology has made our lives so much easier whether it’s telling us when we need to leave for work or helping us with our DIY jobs around the house. Well there are even more ways where technology can make life easier which could include your bathroom renovation project.

One example would be using LED lights instead of conventional bulbs because they last longer, use less energy, and never need replacing! For those that want to make their bathroom more spa-like, this is one way you can do it without breaking the bank.

7. Toilet As You’ve Never Seen Before!

If you’re looking for ways to transform your old bathroom into a spa retreat, why not consider adding a toilet that allows you to do just that?

Modern toilets will help you achieve all of your relaxation goals with features such as mood lighting and music with an internal speaker system. Modern technology also helps keep your bathroom clean and hygienic with a variety of products such as toilets that prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl, sensors to activate the flush and soft close toilets seats so there’s no fear of banging the seat down in the middle of the night.

8. Going Vertical Can Pay Off

Creating storage space in any room is always beneficial so why not pay attention to that when it comes to your bathroom. Vertical storage is becoming more and more popular with homeowners because it allows you to make the most out of any room in the house without compromising on space especially for those with smaller bathroom spaces.

9. Bring On The Wood

Wood is a very popular feature when it comes to interior design whether it’s in a kitchen or any other room in the house, but did you know that wood can be incorporated into bathrooms too?

This look has been around for years but just like anything else, trends come and go depending on what’s hot right now. For those looking at how to transform their old bathroom into a spa retreat wood could just be the way to do it while keeping with current trends.

10. Showering in Style

Just like toilets modern showers are becoming more and more sophisticated with the latest technology available. One of those technological advancements in LED lighting which can be integrated into your shower space. Not only will this look good but it allows you to create the perfect spa retreat because mood lighting is one of those features that all spas have in common.

Final Thoughts

There you go, ten bathroom renovation projects that can help you create the spa retreat of your dreams without spending a lot of money to get it done. As good as these ideas are, they’re only limited to your imagination which means you can get inspired by any method or color depending on what’s available at any time. So before you make the decision about how to transform your old bathroom into a spa retreat, read through this guide and begin planning today!

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