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10 Good Podcasts To Keep You Motivated And Reach Your Goals

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10 Good Podcasts To Keep You Motivated And Reach Your Goals

In the 21st century, the information flow changes every 12 hours. Our thoughts and desires, goals, and success vectors depend only on personal development. We need to constantly explore new horizons to stay in the know.

Sometimes, it seems to us that the world is moving too fast and we don’t have time to succeed. Motivation and personal growth are an integral part of the life of a modern person to achieve unprecedented success in any area of ??life.

What if you are on the move all the time, focused on achieving your goals? Where to find time for motivation?

In this case, the ideal format to cheer yourself up is motivational podcasts or a series of audio that are aimed at personal development.

What’s so good about podcasts?

Podcasts are convenient to listen to. You can do it anywhere: inline, on the subway, on a run, on the way to work. This allows you to spend time on hold with benefit and pleasure.

We want to present to you 10 popular podcasts in English recorded by people who succeeded in a vivid variety of life fields. They decided to share with you inspirational conversations, stories, and moments from life that will direct you on the right path.

1. The Distance

Stories about successful business projects that have existed for more than 25 years, and the people who built them. For now, it contains 58 episodes about different areas of people’s lives, ranging from the model world, a flower business, an athletic apparel store, and a running shoe boutique.

One of the latest motivational podcasts is the story of the man who created Barber Shop in Atlanta in 1964 and how this place became a legend for young people.

2. The Art of Charm

The authors of the podcast invite experienced mentors, academics, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and writers. They discuss sociology, cognitive psychology, the development of confidence, productivity, and behavioral economics. The podcast is available on all platforms as well as online, free access on YouTube.

3. Freakonomics Radio

The author is Stephen Dubner, co-author of the book Freakonomics. During a conversation with Nobel Prize winners, sociologists, and entrepreneurs, Dubner explores the mysteries of everyday life and human nature. He talks on topics from betrayal and crime to parenting and sports.

4. SUCCESS Talks

Interviews with prominent businessmen and creative leaders. The goal is to help listeners develop their mind, body, and spirit. This is an organization that publishes interviews with successful people. They focus on digital media to promote key messages that challenge current stereotypes of success.

5. The Tony Robbins podcast

Presenter – Anthony Robbins, author of “Awaken the Giant in Yourself” and “The Book of Self-Power”. In the podcast, Tony Robbins shares proven strategies and tactics for self-development that will help achieve significant results in business, relationships, health, and fitness.

6. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Creator – Gretchen Rubin, author of the books “The Happiness Project” and “Outer Order, Inner Calm”. She is one of the world’s leading experts on how to improve the quality of life by working on our habits. Her approach combines science with wisdom – both the Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and the Dalai Lama approve.

7. The Productivityist Podcast

Productivity fan podcast Mike Vardi is a great source of motivation and time management tips. Vardi offers his life hacks, thanks to which you will quickly cope with important tasks and optimize your workflow. The topics in the latest issues are awareness, performance statistics, and good habits.

8. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Even if you are not going to start your own business, pay attention to these lectures on entrepreneurship, innovation, and development. The podcast with support of Stanford University, and among the invited speakers there are such outstanding personalities as Guy Kawasaki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Marissa Mayer.

9. Kwik brain. Memory improvement

Podcast on the development of intellectual abilities – memory, learning ability, speed reading, productivity. Each Kwik Brain series lasts from seven to fifteen minutes and contains several exercises to improve memory.

10. The Actual Fluency Podcast

Podcast of Danish Chris Broholm, keen on foreign languages. Besides purely linguistic topics (artificial languages, language and travel), Chris talks a lot about goal setting and motivation. This podcast may inspire you to do something new. You can learn about new languages ??and cultures that you have never heard of.

Should I listen to different podcasts?

If you want to approach the issue of motivation seriously and focus on personal growth, it’s not enough just to listen to the stories of successful people. It so happened in the human subconscious mind that, in truth, only something we are passionate about can motivate us for a long time.

It is very useful to listen to several podcasts at the same time and alternate them. For example, Kwik brain, a memory improvement series about developing intellectual abilities to mixes well with The Tony Robbins podcast, which has everything about business, sports, and relationships. Thus, you can understand your inner problems, possibly overcome fears and phobias, and successfully transform into a new personality with renewed goals and desires.

By the way, maybe sometimes we all need to rest from the quick life flow and chill. It helps to make everything easy and be calm inside. But, what if you have a load of work and there is no time for rest?

To strengthen the result and precisely achieve success listening to podcasts, we recommend taking notes. This is suitable for those who have more free time. The whole process can be turned into sketching: small marginal drawings quotes, and come up with interesting thoughts giving rise to new crazy ideas.

If truth is born in a conversation, then why don’t you start by talking to yourself?

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