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How To Be On Time When You’re Always Running Late

How To Be On Time When You’re Always Running Late

How To Be On Time When You’re Always Running Late

I know I can’t possibly be the only one who presses the snooze button about ten times before rolling my sleepy self out of bed. If just the thought leaves you with a guilty “ditto,” you’re in good company. The funny thing is: I don’t like being late, but I also don’t like being early. What a predicament.

I recently had a woman (who is often late, herself) tell me that people who aren’t late don’t understand the people who are. It’s true: If you’re not a perpetually late person, you don’t get it. Heck, we don’t even get it. I keep blaming the clock. Oh, that hand is a little fast. Oh, it only takes 15 minutes to get to work, not 17. It’s funny, but I rationalize my lateness as I’m making myself even more late.

I’m aware of it, and I can’t stop it. I can, however, anticipate my own behavior and figure out ways to “trick” myself into being early. I’m in no way perfect at my coping strategies, because they require discipline. However, when used properly, I have learned just what I need to so that I can be on time when I’m running late. Here are a few of the things I’ve so painfully learned:

Take Your Shower at Night

This is the best thing I can do for myself and my family. I love showers, and I love taking them in the morning. I love that they gently wake me up with the warm trickle of water. However, when I’m tired, the shower time lingers a little bit too long.

If I take my shower in the evening, I can take as long as I want and not really have to care about the time. This also leaves a little more hot water in the tank for the rest of the family’s morning routine. Plus, I don’t have to really worry about going out the door with wet hair, which, let’s face it, is not all that professional.

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Go for the Essentials

Narrow down your morning routine to what is absolutely necessary. The 10 minutes on Pinterest in the morning will only turn into 30. So skip the temptation and opt only for the essentials. Focus on the activities that you must do, like brushing your teeth, doing your hair and getting dressed.

Help yourself out and lay your clothes out the night before. Better yet, arrange your closet into pre-planned outfits, so that picking an outfit in the morning is no longer an issue.

From Passion To Profit

Less is More

There’s no need to look like you’re appearing before the magistrate. When it comes to your makeup, know that less is more. Take care of your skin every day so you don’t have to resort to piling on makeup to hide blemishes. When you do think a little makeup is necessary, focus on your best qualities.

If your eyes are something you love to play up, take the time to do them, but cut down on the amount of product everywhere else. If you’re lips are the best, invest in a good red, which instantly dresses up any look. Remember that if you’re going for a bold lip, there’s no need to overdue the eyes. A quick sweep of mascara and you should be good to go.

Pull Your Hair Back

When time is really running short, I pull my hair back. It’s quick and easy and instantly adds a little glam to your look. Invest in some good hair ties and barrettes.

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Remember, though, that the ‘80s and ‘90s should be kept in their respective eras. Now’s the time to focus on keeping it classic and simple. Wrap a small piece of hair around the base of your ponytail or bun and secure it with a bobby pin to hide the band.

Eat Breakfast on the Go

Invest in some great breakfast-on-the-go options. Think granola and protein bars to give you a good boost in the morning without having to sit down to eat. If you’re trying to increase your fruit and yogurt intake, try prepackaged smoothie packets. The night before, place all of your ingredients in a baggy so that in the morning, you can just throw it all in the blender and be on your way.

By following these coping strategies, you soon will be able to master the art of being on time while running behind. Just make sure you don’t opt for a heavy foot on the gas petal, as the last thing you need on a busy morning is to be pulled over. So stay safe, but be on time.

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