The Power of “Me” time

25th May 2015

All too often we look after others before we look after ourselves. Is it so bad that we take some "me" time? I don't think so.…more »

Free Download: FlipMealPlan Free Printable Meal Planner

11th May 2015

Planning meals is a sure-fire way to start eating in a healthier way with better variety, getting your five a day, allowing you to control portions and track what you eat. The FlipMealPlan is a simple free printable meal planner that lets you plan what you're making for the week ahead and check what's going out of date in your fridge.…more »

FlipToDo – To Do List Planner Free Download

27th April 2015

Recently I've been concentrating a lot on apps to manage your To Dos so I thought I'd go "Old School" for this post. I still prefer to write down tasks on paper so I've developed the FlipToDo planner to keep track of what I need to do.…more »

Review: Google Keep

22nd April 2015

In keeping with my recent interest in to-do lists and task management, in this post I take a look at Google Keep's features and how it can manage your to-dos and tasks.…more »

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