The Ultimate Guide To Student Life: Productivity, Health, Finance and Food Hacks

31st August 2015

It's the time of year where some of us are looking forward to going off into the world of further education. In this post we have a massive list of resources for budding (and existing) college and university students covering finance, how to organise your drawers properly and why you should always wear flip-flops in the communal shower…more »

Don’t Fear Failure: 17 Steps To Learn How To Grow From Your Mistakes

24th August 2015

Sometimes we can't do something simply because we're afraid what may (or may not) happen. This paralysis is a common one and can lead to missed opportunities and regrets. In this post we look at what fear is, what failure is and how to manage the two so that we can achieve our goals and be happy with the outcome.…more »

Free Download: Gamify Your Day – Gamification Score Tracker

19th August 2015

There are many phone and computer based Gamification trackers out there but I wasn't able to find a paper-based option. For those of you who prefer analogue solutions I've developed the free Gamify Your Day Planner where you can track what needs to be done, what rewards you want to earn and what your score is.…more »

Time Sinks: A Productivity Black Hole and How To Avoid Them

10th August 2015

Ever feel like you're always running late even though you've left plenty of time to get where you need to be? You're not alone, I've lost count of the number of times I thought I'd given myself plenty of time to get somewhere only to be 10 minutes late. The reason? I fell into a time sink. In this post we look at what Time Sinks are and how you can track and avoid them. …more »

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