Body Language Basics: Introduction

6th July 2015

July sees the launch of a new series of posts here on Flipping Heck all about Body Language. We'll be looking at a variety of aspects of body language such as how to spot a liar, how to ace an interview with your body language and much more.…more »

Weekly Round-Up #27: Bad Bosses, Nice Notebooks and New Blogs

3rd July 2015

Happy weekend! As it's so hot here in the U.K I hope the weather where you are is okay and you're not suffering too much. In this Weekly Round-Up there's news that you might not be an intro/extro vert after all, some great productivity tips and a new notebook that looks like it may even rival the Moleskine!…more »

TimeBoxing: What Is It And How To Use It

29th June 2015

TimeBoxing is a simple technique that allows you to manage your tasks and time easily. This post looks at the benefits of TimeBoxing, how to use it and what's wrong with it.…more »

The Importance Of Saying “Yes”

24th June 2015

We looked recently at why it's important to learn to say "No". In this post we look at why it's important to face your fear and learn to say "Yes" to things that we wouldn't ordinarily agree to.…more »

It’s okay to say “No”

22nd June 2015

In this 24/7 always on connected lifestyle it's all to easy to say "Yes" to something when we don't have time, aren't ready or aren't able. In this post we take a look at a few simple tips so you are able (and happy) to say "No" .…more »

The Importance Of A Great Greeting

17th June 2015

A simple "Good Morning" or "Hello" can speak volumes about you and how people will perceive you. In this post we look at how to foster trust with a simple greeting.…more »

How To Make Mondays More Productive

15th June 2015

So we already know that Wednesday's (or hump day as it's known) are rubbish - why should Monday's have to be unproductive too? In this post I take a look at a few simple tips to help you make the most of your Mondays.…more »