Spring Cleaning Challenge: Managing Someday/Maybes and Waiting Fors

27th April 2016

How do you manage your long-term tasks? How about those tasks that you've asked others to complete for you? In this post we take a look at how you can keep a track of those "Would be nice to" tasks and those tasks you have delegated to others.…more »

Spring Cleaning Series: Organising Your Tasks

13th April 2016

In the second part of my mental Spring Cleaning Challenge we look at what you should do with all of those tasks you captured during your Mind Dump and how you can manage your tasks once you've got them out of your head…more »

Flipping Heck Reader Survey

9th April 2016

If you could spare some time┬áto answer the following survey questions I’d be most appreciative. I’d like to know how you manage your tasks and...…more »

Spring Cleaning Series: Decluttering Your Mind

6th April 2016

Start off the Spring Cleaning declutter challenge with the "Mind Dump" technique. In order to move forward you need to clear out your brain so you so can organise all of that "stuff" that you've been carrying around with you. Read this article to find out how to accomplish brain nirvana!…more »

8 Ways Your Phone Is Damaging Your Health

30th March 2016

We all know there are questions about how safe mobile phones are thanks to the signals they use, but did you know that staring at your smartphone screen can be as bad for your back as having an eight year old sitting on your head? See what other hidden health issues lie within that little glowing screen!…more »

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