Why You Should Be A Part Time Tutor In College

Why You Should Be A Part Time Tutor In College


As you head to college for the first time – or perhaps for your final year – you may be wondering how you can earn some extra cash to fund your books (or beers). Sure there’s bar and restaurant work available, but how about putting what you’re learning to good use and teach other students what you know?

Why You Should Be A Part Time Tutor In College
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Working a part-time job while in college can be difficult. There are, however, many good options that can help you get through the grind. If you are looking for a convenient and fulfilling part-time job, then you should strongly consider becoming a tutor. This job will allow you to tutor in any subject you are skilled in, will look great on future resumes, and comes with many other benefits as well.

Great Pay

Whether you want to be a private MCAT tutor, a French tutor, a maths tutor online, or anything in between, you will find that tutoring is a great way to make good money. In fact, the average tutor makes about $17.28 per hour, with some tutors making as much as $40 per hour.

When you compare that awesome hourly rate to the average hourly rate of a server — only $5.30 per hour — it’s pretty easy to see why tutoring would be an attractive option. Plus, most people find it a lot more fun and enjoyable than waiting tables.

Set Your Own Hours

Something else to love about tutoring is that it allows you to basically set your own hours and create your own schedule. Whether you work through a tutoring agency or go out and find clients yourself, you and the client typically work together to find meeting times that are convenient for both of you.

Other jobs can be very hard to manage and can make it impossible to juggle your school and homework schedule. Tutoring, with its flexibility, however, seems like it was practically made for the busy lives and schedules of the average college student.

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Gain Great People Skills

The advantages that go along with being a tutor don’t end there. You’ll also find that this job will really help you to develop some valuable communication and people skills.

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As a tutor, you will come across all kinds of people with all kinds of needs and learning styles. With time and practice, you will learn to adapt to these different people and their needs, a skill that will serve you well later in life, especially if you end up going into the teaching field. Even if you don’t, however, these are skills that everyone can use.

Help Others

Perhaps one of the very best things about tutoring is that, through this job, you will actually be helping people in powerful and meaningful ways. It may be true that the job might be “just fun” for you, but when you realize you have enabled someone to pass a difficult test, get into the college of his dreams, or just achieve a personal goal, you will feel gratified and fulfilled inside.

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A lot of jobs, especially the kind people tend to take on in college, often feel meaningless, and people dread them. With tutoring, though, you will likely find that your job is satisfied and enjoyable and that, even when it’s hard, you like going to work and you get great personal satisfaction from it.

Make Great Connections

One final thing to love about tutoring is the fact that it will introduce you to many different types of people from all walks of life — many of whom will prove important for networking and for gaining other opportunities. This will help you to not only make new friends but could also potentially lead to some important “career connections” that could benefit you later, especially if you go through a reputable tutoring service.

As you can see, tutoring is a great job option, especially for college students. If you feel like this job could be a good fit for you, you are encouraged to research various options in your area, think about the subjects you’d be best suited to tutor, and then go from there. You will certainly not regret it!

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