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What’s The Relationship Between Home Design And Productivity?

What’s The Relationship Between Home Design And Productivity?

What’s The Relationship Between Home Design And Productivity?

Has it ever happened to you that you need to get some work done and you just cannot keep your thoughts in order, even though you have no major issues and you are not tired? While putting down your phone and isolating yourself from any distractions will certainly help but there are more strategies you can apply not only to achieve the bare minimum but increase your productivity. With that in mind, here are a few tricks related to your home design that will have a positive effect on your overall productivity.

Improve work focus with a meaning board

Many people have noticed that working from home sometimes allows your thoughts to drift away more easily. Sometimes you lose focus because of a happy thought but often it is due to a lack of motivation. Along the way, as things get tough, you lose sight of why you started your own business and you feel discouraged and instead of channeling all your efforts to work, you let your mind wander across these negative notions.

This is why it would be useful to create a mini meaning board and the perfect place to put it is the wall directly in front of you, which you associate with losing focus. What you would put on it depends entirely on you since it is your motivation kit, and make sure you add a thing or two as the time goes, so you don’t get too used to looking at the same display.

Get comfy on your breaks

Productivity is not only connected with work – you might be prepping yourself for spring cleaning and having set aside a day to finish everything, you might need a proper strategy to pull it off. Although it might seem counter-productive to some, taking regular breaks is important so you can recharge and have the physical and mental strength to go through yet another pile of clothes.

Woman sat on floor working

During these breaks, it is essential you get comfortable, which means cozy chairs (avoid the bed because resting your eyes for a few seconds may turn into waking up after 2 hours). Another important element of relaxing in a comfy ambient is a snug rug because of the instant relaxation you feel when you place your bare feet on a fluffy cloud. Imagine resting your feet on a warm and comfy Miss Amara rug while sipping coffee and all the chores you have to do would suddenly seem easy to finish.

Fight drowsiness with lighting

Proper lighting plays a key role in your ability to focus. No matter what you are trying to get done at your home and regardless of the room, the feeling of drowsiness will wash over you in an inadequately lit room. This leads to frustration because you lose focus and if the room in question is the kitchen and the job at hand making dinner you must have enough light to see what you are doing with the knife.

Woman standing in cozy office

Of course, natural light is king, so whatever you need to do during the day, try to do it in the most lit room in which you will not put heavy dark drapes. Once the daylight wanes, the artificial lighting needs to be abundant in the rooms you need to stay focused in, while for the bedroom you can go with a dimmer atmosphere. Make sure that the kitchen and home office, if you have one, are adequately illuminated to ensure productivity, while the lighting in other rooms can be arranged as needed.

Boost home air quality with plants

Even though you may be reluctant to introduce plants into your home because you are afraid you might forget to water them, the truth is that there are so many different kinds of indoor plants that you can easily find one that is difficult to kill, such as a cactus. If the plants you choose are small, you can place the pots somewhere where you spend a lot of time, for instance, your desk, and in this manner, it would be difficult to forget to take care of them.

Room filled with plants

Besides being a beautiful addition to your home, your little green jungle can do you much good. For starters, it has been noted that plants have a soothing effect when it comes to stress which helps you be more productive. Also, they purify the air, help you focus, while adding certain plants to your bedroom can help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you are having issues with concentrating, you should take a look around the room since you may find that its design might not be in line with what you need in practical terms. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home to boost productivity, it just means that it may need a bit of tweaking to help you focus better. The effects of drowsiness and poor concentration can be subdued while taking breaks in a comfortable environment and adding plant life will help you relax, which all leads to higher efficiency.

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