What Role Do Extracurricular Activities Play In A Student’s Life?

What Role Do Extracurricular Activities Play In A Student’s Life?


With the rising challenge of mental health issues in students, the importance of extracurricular activities has become evident. At present, students are struggling to keep pace with the competitive job market by managing their grades. It is hard to neglect that academic excellence is directly linked to non-academic activities.

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With the rising challenge of mental health issues in students, the importance of extracurricular activities has become evident. At present, students are struggling to keep pace with the competitive job market by managing their grades. It is hard to neglect that academic excellence is directly linked to non-academic activities.

Many schools and colleges understand this fact and encourage students to engage in extracurricular activities. However, students do not pay attention to extracurriculars and see how these activities can benefit and pay them in the long run.

Let us see why extracurricular activities play an integral role in the lives of students.

1. Physical and Mental Health

Extracurricular activities such as sports, athletics, arts, debating, yoga, etc., lead to physical and mental strength. Students learn how to cope with stress by getting engaged in extracurricular activities according to their preferences and interests.

Academic activities prepare students to take up a vast amount of knowledge and information. Similarly, extracurricular activities help students to build stamina and patience while doing physical exertion. These non-academic activities improve students’ mental health as they learn to deal with their emotions and make the best use of their energy.

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2. Creativity

The more you use creativity, the more you have. Children who participate in creative activities such as learning music, dance, and arts from an early age are likely to perform better in their lives.

Extracurricular activities like music lessons and classes for kids improve their creativity level and make them better communicators. They learn through music how to express themselves in a better way while channelizing their growing energies.

3. Networking Opportunities

It is hard to make friends in general when you don’t know and share similar interests, likes and dislikes. Extracurricular activities help students to get connected with like-minded individuals.

When you participate in any writing or a debating competition, you have an opportunity to expand your social network by contacting participants, organizers, and other attendees. You have a better chance to secure a job after graduation by using your social circle. In addition, students with friends in common extracurricular activities are likely to perform better.

4. Academic Performance

It is a common perception that students who participate in extracurricular activities cannot concentrate on academics due to less time. However, contrary to this, students excel in academics who regularly take part in non-academic activities.

Some students even achieve high grades while actively participating in extracurricular activities. Students learn to manage their time with improved concentration when they participate in these activities.

According to research, there is a positive relationship between academic performance and extracurricular activities. Students who regularly participate in extracurricular activities achieve higher grades and have a positive attitude towards academics and their educational institutes.

5. Teamwork And Leadership

To cope with the present world’s challenges, it is essential to gain life skills that can help you groom yourself and advance your career. Teamwork and leadership are those skills that you can gain and polish by participating in extracurricular activities.

As an example, when students prepare for any competition being a part of a team, they learn to own their success and failure and share it with team members. Extracurricular activities improve their team spirit and help them to perform next time by overcoming their fears and mistakes better.

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Similarly, leading a team requires patience and active listening with a positive attitude that can come with participation in extracurricular activities.

6. Problem Solving And Critical Thinking

Problem-solving and critical thinking are crucial skills that can lead you to the path of growth in the long run. No matter how high grades you have, they become insignificant if you don’t know how to solve a problem and make use of the best available resources in difficult times.

Active participation in coding competitions and math Olympiads can help you increase your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

7. Humanity And Empathy

Humanity is the basic essence of life. A person who feels for others and is willing to contribute and add value to other lives is a great human being.

When students engage in community service and volunteering, it gives them a sense of contentment and empathy. They feel connected with the less privileged segment of society and learn to share their pain. Being a part of any charity event and a fundraising campaign helps you better understand the world.

8. Self Esteem

Extracurricular activities are a source of improving self-confidence and self-esteem. When you achieve success in any activity that you feel deeply rooted in, it boosts your morale and keeps your spirits high.

When your teacher or your coach picks you for any competition, you feel valued. When you win that competition with massive success, it helps you gain a sense of victory and achievement.

9. Career Growth

Students who have an active profile of extracurricular activities have the edge over other applicants when it comes to recruitment. Many hiring managers assess the resumes of fresh applicants who lack work experience through their ability to perform efficiently in nonacademics.

In the case of a member of any writing club or any debating club, they would know that you have an aptitude for writing or presentation skills with logical reasoning. Communication is the key to success in the workplace.

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10. University Admissions

If you want to go for higher studies in the USA and UK, you must work on your extracurricular profile. The majority of American and British universities prefer to give admission to those students who go above and beyond their study area and give back to their communities in any way.

It is not compulsory to take part in non-academic activities that are popular or in high demand. You can register with a filmmaking club depending on your interest while continuing to be a science student. Universities also consider this fact and give weightage to less common but productive extracurricular options.

Wrapping Up

The most interesting fact about extracurricular activities is that they don’t limit you to some activities. You can engage in them depending on your own choice and make use of them in your practical life. Mastering new skills are fun and help you build a positive approach to life.

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