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Weekly Round-Up #323: Lawn Care, Productivity in Chrome & Website Stats

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Weekly Round-Up #323: Lawn Care, Productivity in Chrome & Website Stats

Welcome to this week’s round-up. I hope you’ve had a productive return to work/school/”normal” life after the Christmas Break.

In this week’s round-up we have some scary lawn care advice, some Chrome extensions to make you more productive and some fascinating stats about websites.

The Ultimate Guide To Lawn Scarification – Expert Easy

As the weather slowly starts to improve, your thoughts may start moving to your outside spaces. While a lot of us think that lawn care is simply just running a mower over it every now and again, there’s actually a bit more to it than that.

Lawn scarification is a type of raking that can help remove moss and other flora that can impede the growth of your lawn so scarifying it (which isn’t as scary as it sounds!) is one of the steps you take take to make your lawn grown greener and look fuller.

12 Chrome Extensions That Will Help You Save Time – Mashable

If you’re a Chrome user (and a whopping 60+% of internet users are – I use Firefox just to be clear) then you’ll probably be on the lookout for some extensions to help improve your productivity.

How To Write A Personal Development Plan For Your Career And Life
You may think that you only need a personal development plan if you're working in a corporate environment and looking to move up the ladder in your workplace. Lori Wade argues that a Personal Development Plan is equally important in your home life as well as your work life and...

Mashable have put together a list of 12 extensions that will help you with Gmail, Pomodoro timers, activity trackers and even a fake dual monitor setup.

If you have a must-have Chrome extension that isn’t on this list, let us know in the comments below.

Digital Marketing ROI Statistics & Guide – Website Builder Expert

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of digital marketing then this article will hopefully change your mind.

While you might think that email blasts are a waste of time and that SEO is nonsense, the stats in this article are quite eye-opening in terms of the impact they can have on your business and the reach they can give you in terms of new and existing customers.

If you’ve been holding off on upping your digital marketing game then let this article inspire you to get started in 2023.

The Best Holiday Destinations For Your Phone – Currys Tech Talk

January (in the U.K at least) is often a time where we think about booking holidays, or at least start thinking about where we’d like to go over the spring/summer break.

From Passion To Profit

Travelling abroad can be an expensive time for your phone – from roaming fees to having to pay for Wi-Fi access, the costs can soon add up.

So where is best for a traveller who loves to snap Instagrammable shots and upload them ASAP? Currys have a list of the hottest holiday destinations and have broken down 4/5G coverage, availability of Wi-Fi, how popular the place is on Instagram and even how prone to censorship they are.

How To Clean Your Home Effectively – Porch

Porch provides you with a wide range of tips to cut cleaning tasks down to size. With their checklist and recommended cleaning routine, you can maintain a clean and well-organized setting so that your house is always “relatively” company-ready and, assuredly, designed for your own comfort. With these tips, you won’t have to devote another Saturday to daylong cleaning tasks again!

9 Critical Tips To Read Before Buying A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Flooring Clarity

Over $2.5 billion worth of robotic vacuum cleaners were sold in 2019 and it’s expected that the robotic vacuum market will grow to
$3.7 billion by 2024. You might be tempted just to go for the cheapest or most expensive option, but what are the real factors you should consider before joining the robot vacuum revolution?

How To Revise For Exams Effectively – Study Corgi

The most stressful time in a university or high school student’s life is definitely the exams period. This is the time when students try to figure out how to revise effectively in a short time. Exam revision involves reviewing all the study materials again to refresh your memory. Study Corgi have gathered several techniques and recommendations to help you revise for your exams efficiently.

Small Business Websites Survey – Upcity

This survey might be from a year ago but it’s an interesting look into how attitudes to websites vary across North America with some companies not even thinking that a website is necessary.

In this week's round-up we take a look at some more decluttering techniques, why Swedish Death Cleaning is now a thing and how you can try to stay calm when you're feeling super-stressed

Some of the statistics are extremely useful if you’re a website developer or offer SEO services as you’ll be able to use them to plan the costs of your services – obviously most people want to spend as little as possible but it may help you target sectors that you may not have thought of as relevant in the future.

Have A Great Week

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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