Weekly Round-Up 79: Stop Hitting The Snooze Button, The 5 Hour Learning Rule & Wearing a Uniform To Work


In this week’s round-up we take a look at why successful people always wear the same clothes, why you should continue to learn and stop hitting that snooze button for good!

Weekly Round-Up 79: Stop Hitting The Snooze Button, The 5 Hour Learning Rule & Wearing a Uniform To Work
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Hello! And welcome to the 79th round-up. This week we look at how to simplify your life, cope with anxiety and how you can do things on your own.

8 Strategies To Help You Quit The Snooze Button Habit For Good – Fast Company

I am terrible when it comes to the snooze button. I don’t think I’ve ever got up on my first alarm in my life – and now that my Mobile Phone has multiple alarms (never mind the snooze function!) I’m in snooze heaven! We’ve read in the past about how bad using our phone as an alarm is, but so is snoozing apparently and this article gives you 8 ways you can stop snoozing and start waking.

7 Scientifically PROVEN Reasons to Ditch Multitasking

Many studies have shown that while you may think you’re being more efficient by multitasking it actually makes you less productive. This well researched article gives you some hard facts about how multitasking is destroying your productivity and even your IQ! If you don’t quit multitasking after reading this then I don’t know what will help you!

Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule – Inc.

I love this idea, and it’s a shame more companies don’t allow their staff some personal time that they can devote to learning or working on a topic of their own. Companies like Google realised the importance of allowing their staff to work on pet projects: their “20% Time” gave us Adsense and GMail (although it seems that few people utilise the 20% an Google any more it’s nice to know it’s there so you can improve yourself.

25 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less – Be More With Less

It’s quite easy to think that you can’t really accomplish much in 10 minutes but this post proves you can. I’m going to be trying List Item Number 1 this weekend and will see how long it takes me!

Weekly Round-Up #262: The Impact Of Old Tech, Job Search Time Management & Interview Attire
This week we take a look at the impact that the technology we use has on the enviroment, time management strategies when you're searching for a job and what to wear when you snag your interview.

7 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People – Marc & Angel Hack Life

There are some people that walk into a room and you can feel them immediately sucking the life and soul out of anyone in it. These toxic people are really harmful to you personally, and your company environment. Unfortunately we’ll all come across at least one individual like this and this article from Marc & Angel gives you some simple and workable tips to deal with a toxic person.

How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home – Christine Williams on MelyssaGriffin.com

Having worked from home for over 5 years I know how easy it is to decide to have a pyjama day, or a lie in, or not to start work until 7pm! Routine is really important to productivity but not being accountable to anyone, or at the least not having a boss peering over your should, whilst freeing can also create issues. This post discusses some ways to over come your motivational funk and get going again!

Science Says People Who Talk To Themselves Are Geniuses – Lifehack

They say the only way you can have a sensible conversation is by talking to yourself – although the rubbish that comes out of my mouth would perhaps disprove that! Talking to yourself helps you formalise thoughts, work through problems and can offer a different perspective on an issue and now it turns out we’re all geniuses for doing it – yeay!

People will think you’re a jerk if you end texts with a period, scientific study finds – Mashable

I’m a stickler for punctuation, and use it fully in my text messages. Luckily I don’t end them with a full stop so I guess I’m not too much of a jerk!

In Defence Of Doing Things Alone – Buzzfeed

There seems to be some unwritten social rule that everything has to be done with a minimum of two people (going to the bathroom included). Whilst you don’t have anyone to talk about the movie afterwards (if you discount social media) why should you miss out of the new summer blockbuster just because you have no one to go with? I sometimes prefer to go to the cinema on my own, however I have yet to venture out to a museum solo – this is on my list of things to try in 2016. Do you go places on your own? Let us know any tips in the comments.

Leaders: Who’s Shaping Your Company’s Culture? – Entrepreneur

This has always struck me as a difficult choice by managers – are you one of the “boys” or do you keep your distance, or can you possibly do both? Unfortunately not it would seem according to this article.

4 Life-Changing Lessons for People Who Struggle with Anxiety – Tiny Buddha

I’m lucky to not have too much anxiety any more, I pretty much just get on with it without really worrying about too much but every now and again I do suffer from a bout of it. This great post from Tiny Buddha gives you 4 simple ways to start to manage those anxious thoughts and feelings so you can start to live life to the full.

The Case for Uniform Dressing – Wall Street Journal

There seems to be a new trend in the workplace: it’s become the mark of a successful person to wear the same style of clothes every day. Steve Jobs did it with his infamous black turtleneck and Mark Zuckerberg has his own Facebook “uniform”. Why do they do this? It makes them more productive: it’s one less decision that has to be made that day and your brain power can be devoted to something more pressing than weather “pink and green should never be seen” (or any combination with green apparently!)

How to be kind to yourself as a freelancer when times get tough – Freelancer’s Union

In the U.K at the moment we’re going through some uncertainty over our financial future and for Freelancers times could get a little tough. This post has 7 tips for you to follow as a Freelancer in order to protect yourself against tough times.

Weekly Round-Up #164: Filthy Toys, Motivational Mojo And Sizzling Side Hustles
This week we take a look how to keep your children's toys clean, what to do when you're not feeling motivated and how you can start a side hustle (with a couple of suggestions of things you can try out)

Five Awesome Science Courses You Can Take Online Completely Free – IFL Science

These are somewhat science-based courses but there is one listed on unleashing your creativity which would be a nice tie-in with this week’s guest post called “10 Tips To Wake Your Creativity

The Beginner’s Guide To Task Management – Michael Hyatt

This is a great overview of the task management system Nozbe which has been around for some time now and seems to have come on leaps and bounds since I last looked at it. It’s free for 5 projects too so you can test the waters to see if it’s the right platform do you.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s productivity round-up. If you have any any articles you’d like to share, tweet me @FlipHeck or contact me through the website.

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