Weekly Round-Up #69: Feeling Like A Fraud, Organising Information & 10% Off!

Weekly Round-Up #69 - Feeling Like A Fraud, Organising Information & 10% Off!
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Welcome to this weeks round-up of productivity and development related news and tips.

Amongst other great articles we hav this week there are a couple of interesting posts about how you can cope with hating your job, I’m sure we’ve all been there and can say we hate our job but this is referring to a longer term malaise that can set in even if you’ve only been in your position a short time.

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Spring Cleaning Challenge Mini Round Up

Over the course of April I’ve been running the Mental Spring Cleaning Challenge on Flipping Heck where I’ve come up with a series on prompts and tools to help you get rid of your mental clutter and give your brain a much needed spring clean. As a reminder, here’s what we covered – and it’s still not too late to take part.

  • Decluttering Your Mind – What is a mind dump and why is it important? We discuss how to organise your mind dump with a free printable in the first post of the series.
  • Organising Your Tasks – Once you have all your tasks out of your head how do you organise them? Get your free to-do list task manager download.
  • Organising Recurring and Dated Tasks – Identify and manage your recurring and dated tasks with the free monthly planner.
  • Managing Someday/Maybes and Waiting Fors – Learn how to deal with longer term “would be nice to” tasks, and tasks you’re waiting on others for with these two handy downloads.

27 Practical Posts to Help You Organize Information – The Order Expert

Grab a cup of tea before sitting down to read through this great list of resources that cover everything from organising your thoughts to Apps on your phone.

Close Up Photo of a Person Wearing Suit Jacket
No one wants to spend their working life staying in one place. Everyone has the desire to progress and push forward in their life, taking themselves to bigger and better places. Sadly, that's not the sort of thing that just happens to you. You've got to be able to take...

Bullet Journal & GTD For Maximum Productivity – Boho Berry

Bullet journalling is on my (ever increasing) list of things to look at – especially now I know I can tie it in with a form of GTD Methodology that covers projects and “waiting fors” in a better manner than GTD on its own did (which is why I sort of fell out of love with it as an organisation system). This article is well worth a read, even if it’s just to drool over Kara’s beautiful penmanship and notebooks!

Hat Tip To The Well Appointed Desk

10 Free Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have – Lifehack

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to find these apps useful – anyone who has to deal with people, projects or planning will find something of use here.

4 Reasons We Fear Adulthood and How to Embrace It – Productivity Theory

When I was younger I just assumed that some sort of lightbulb went off in your head when you hit about 23-25 and you would simply know how to “adult” – turns out it’s not quite that simple and it can be a scary process, and I’m not alone in feeling this way!

9 ways to make the most of Google Calendar for Android and iOS – PC World

Reading this article lead me to the discovery that you can schedule “Me Time” in Google Calendar so you have no excuse for not learning a new language or practising yoga (yes, did you hear that me? I’m talking to you!)

9 Time Management Apps to Organize Your Life and Keep You on Track – Shopify

Nine seems to be the magic number this week, eh? There are some great picks in this list from an apps that allows you automate certain tasks, organise your meetings more efficiently or track your time.

3 Tips to Get More Time In Your Day – Business 2 Community

I’d not heard of the “4 D’s” that are mentioned in this article before and I’ll be looking into them in more details soon, I especially like the idea of giving myself permission to “dump” tasks.

From Passion To Profit

What to Do When You Hate Your Job and You Don’t Have Anything Else Lined Up (Yet) – The Muse

When you fall out of love with your job it can be quite easy to pretty much give up. This causes no end of problems for you and your co-workers – they resent you for not pulling your weight, you resent them for resenting you so you hate your job even more (can you tell I’ve been there?) This post looks at some ways you can solve your problem, or at least feel a bit better about your situation.

Hat Tip Lifehacker

The Importance of Reclaiming Margin in Your Life – No Sidebar

Following on from hating your job but coping with it, how about trying to accommodate so “me time” (or margin) within your schedule to avoid burnout?

Why feeling like a fraud can be a good thing – The BBC

Do you feel like an imposter? That you’re not good enough and a fraud? I feel like that all the time when it comes to my online work and it’s stopped me from pursuing some really great opportunities. It turns out that I’m not alone and this post opened my eyes to the “normality” of my feelings and made me feel a lot better about myself.

10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness – Marc & Angel

Following on from feeling like a fraud, there are 10 things that you might be doing that will compound that feeling. Check out this article to see which habits you may be guilty of and what to do about them.

8 Steps to Creating A Vision Board – Superhero You

Sometimes putting things down on paper helps us to solidify and clarify what we want to achieve and a vision board works in the same way, but in a more abstract and pictorial sense. This article teaches you how to create a vision board, and covers why just bunging stuff on Pinterest isn’t the same thing!

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To celebrate National Stationary week, you can get 10% off at my Etsy store right the way to the 8th of May (longer than a week I know but I’m nice!).

Woman exercising on a beach at sunrise
Your mental wellness plays a key role in your overall health. Unfortunately, many people struggle to manage their mental health. A lingering stigma about it may contribute to those difficulties. If you find yourself in that position, try implementing a few simple yet proven strategies that anyone can use.

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Have a great weekend

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