Weekly Round-Up #68: Shocking Alarm Clocks, Make Every Day A Win And Bedtime Yoga


In this week’s round up we look at why you should only focus on one thing at a time, how to organise your fridge, an easier way to quality sleep and a shocking way to wake up.

Weekly Round-Up #68 - Shocking Alarm Clocks, Make Every Day A Win And Bedtime Yoga
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Hello! I hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve spent the week finding some great content for you to read over the weekend so grab yourself a coffee, sit back and relax – you’ve earned it!

This Wearable Promises to Get You Out of Bed With Electric Shocks – Entrepreneur

Regular readers will know that I’m really not a morning person so perhaps the new Indiegogo Funded “Shock Clock” may be the answer I’m looking for… as long as the shock isn’t too strong!

Three-Day Week Could Be Best For Workers Over 40, Study Suggests – Huffington Post Lifestyle

So I’ve not hit 40 yet, but it would appear that when I do in order to be less stressed and happier I should only work 3 days a week. I’d feel less stressed and happier if I only worked 3 days a week now so I don’t know why they picked 40 as the age it’s best at! Plus the article refers to 40 as “Middle Aged” – I thought 60 was supposed to be the new 40?

12 Surprising Benefits of Learning a New Language – Pick The Brain

Learning a new language can have some amazing benefits from increasing your ability to learn anything faster to increasing your creativity.

12 Proven Productivity Hacks To Help You Win Every Day – Michael Hyatt

We all have days where we start off with good intentions but seem to get nowhere. In this post from Productivity Expert Michael Hyatt he reveals. The article’s broken down into 3 sections with a simple set of hacks under each so it’s easy to read and follow the tips.

Illustration of a wallet, notes and bank ward
Business owners all aspire for thriving profits & success. This is a fact. Unfortunately, many business owners waste money unnecessarily. Statistics show that as much as 80% of businesses fail as a result of cash flow issues. One of the simplest ways a company can reduce expenses is to separate...

Project Management Tool – Monday

If you’re working with a team then you may want to take a look at this tool from Monday. It has some interesting features and I like the fact you can quickly see who is supposed to be working on what. You’re not limited on projects, however there isn’t a free option (with limited functionality) like there is with the similar app Asana.

From Passion To Profit

This 1-Minute Routine Can Help You Get More Quality Sleep – MyFitnessPal

I have been toying with the idea of trying yoga out for a while – I’ve been put off though due to not having much time and having a chronic lack of flexibility! This yoga routine only takes 1 minute though so I know I can fit that in and hopefully gradually improve my flexibility at the same time whilst helping me get more quality sleep!

Cosy bathroom with wooden furniture
The environment in which you brush your teeth or take a bath affects your mood, state of mind, and even your well-being. Many people try to create a bathroom interior that promotes relaxation. Even though it is not easy to make a perfect bathroom, there are some tips that can...

One Thing You Should Remember About Doing One Thing at a Time – Marc & Angel Hack Life

There’s a great analogy in this post about the power of focus and it’s well worth a read for a quick reminder on why you should only concentrate on one thing at a time.

Free Printable Konmari Checklist Colorful PDF– Jersha & Dup

If you’re looking into working through the Marie Kondo method of decluttering then this free printable will help you keep track of the items that you need to declutter. It’s split into handy colour-coded sections to help you figure out what you need to go through to see if it “sparks joy”.

Organize Your Fridge With These Great Ideas – Wimp

Some of these ideas are great, you may need a large “American” sized fridge freezer though! The “Eat Me First” box is a fantastic way to stop food waste – or people wondering whether that something has been earmarked for something else which happens a lot in my house!

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