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Weekly Round-Up #67: Sweet Smelling Vinegar, Creating Exercise Habits and How Do You Cope On Polyphasic Sleep?

Weekly Round-Up #67: Sweet Smelling Vinegar, Creating Exercise Habits and How Do You Cope On Polyphasic Sleep?

Weekly Round-Up #67: Sweet Smelling Vinegar, Creating Exercise Habits and How Do You Cope On Polyphasic Sleep?

Welcome to this week’s round-up. This week we take a look at what leadership entails, how to become a better entreprenuer, how to build an exercise habit and how to make the ulitmate cleaning solution (white vinegar) smell less like a chip shop!

How To Be A Good Leader: The Complete Guide – Office Vibe

You can manage people but in order to motivate and inspire people you need to be a leader. This post from Office Vibe goes through what leadership is, what qualities you need and how you can motivate your employees to be happier and more productive at work.

Voisi Recorder & Transcriber – Voisi

The Voisi Recorder & Transcriber software for Android will really help up your productivity gane on your phone. Voisi will transcribe phonecalls, take voice notes, sync your notes with calendar events and much more. This is a great tool for keeping reminders or recording calls. The app is free for 2 weeks.

An Infused Vinegar Cleaning Spray That Actually Smells Great – The Kitchn

When I was doing research for my Autumn Cleaning Challenge a lot of articles I read talked about using vinegar as a “wonder cleaner”. I’ve tried it and whilst it shines up my sink a treat, my bathroom smells like a chip shop afterwards! This post shows you how to make your vinegar (and rooms) smell great. I can’t wait until my lavendar in the back garden starts to grow so I can make my bathroom sparkling clean and smelling lovely!

Do These 50 Things Regularly and You’ll Become a Better Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur

There’s nothing earthshattering or difficult with these 50 tips but there are a couple of items on the list that you may not think will make you a better entrepreneur or generally better at your job. I think number 39 – practice patience – is an important tool that we often forget but is such a simple thing to do.

One Man Tried An Extreme Sleeping Schedule And He Was Pretty Damn Tired – Buzzfeed

You know I like to write a lot about sleep on this blog and I’m always interested in different methods of sleeping – and waking. This article looks at polyphasic sleeping and in the articles I’ve read about this before everyone seemed to get along brilliantly with it after an initial period of getting used to. Steve Pavilina’s probably the most “famous” plyphasic sleeper and he posted over 90 days of his experience with polyphasic sleep schedules. As I’m only sleeping around 4 hours a night at the moment I’m almost there, I just need to cram in the afternoon nap!

From zero to 45 days in a row: how I built a habit of daily exercise – Belle Beth Cooper

Think you can’t build a successful exercise habit in just 45 days? Think again! According to Belle it’s really quite simple and doesn’t take many steps. I’m still working out shedules work/blog and home business wise but once these are finalised I’m going to try and work some exercise into my routine too.

Hat Tip: Lifehacker

5 Healthy, Practical Ways to Handle Change – Pick The Brain

As the quote by Heraclitus goes: “There is nothing permanent except change”. A lot of people fear change, they get used to the same routine and when something new comes along they find it difficult to handle. These five simple tips will help you accept change as a positive influence on your lives.

How To Manage Your Projects Like A Boss – Career Girl Daily

This post gives you a quick overview on how you can manage your projects efficiently to get them completed on time and with less stress.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round-up. If you haven’t taken part in my reader survey yet, please head on over and take a look – it’s only 10 questions so should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

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