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Weekly Round-Up #42 – Become A Book Worm, Standing or Sitting – You Decide and How To Remember A Name

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Weekly Round-Up #42 – Become A Book Worm, Standing or Sitting – You Decide and How To Remember A Name

Welcome to this week’s round-up of articles I’ve found from the web that I think you may find interesting. Did you know I have the memory of a goldfish? Okay, I know they can remember more than 7 seconds worth of information but sometimes it seems I can’t, which can lead to some embarrassing situations, one of which I share below – enjoy!

Standing Desks Are Mostly Bulls**t – Gizmodo

You may recall in Weekly Round-Up #40 I linked to an article stating that “Sitting is the new smoking” and that to get around this we need to stand while we work (click here to build your own standing desk for under $22) but now they have decided that sitting isn’t as bad as they thought it was – or at least one set of scientist have. I guess this is going to fall into the “One week Coffee & Wine is bad for you, next week it’s good for you” camp so watch this space to keep up with whether you should be sitting or standing whilst you read this!

3 Time Management Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – Fast Company

Quite often we approach every situation in the same way with an “If it worked for that it’ll work for this” mentality – if you’re guilty of this then you may be doing yourself more harm than good when it comes to your productivity.

6 Psychological Ttricks To Be More Productive – Mashable

Make checking your email a game to help you power through your inbox. I’ve written about using Gamification to trick yourself into being more productive before but you can use a more simple solution to power through your inbox, and all it takes is you shouting “Next”!

A Scientifically Proven Trick For Remembering Someone’s Name – Huffington Post

I’m terrible with people’s names – so bad in fact that I spent 3 weeks calling a customer of mine “Steve” only to find out later his name was “John”… talk about embarrassing! Fortunately John was okay with this and was quite happy to be called “Steve-John-Steve” for the rest of our interactions with each other.

My problem is that if I don’t catch your name in the first little while of meeting so that it sticks with me my brain goes into a “Oh, he looks like a ….. so let’s call him that!” This has lead to a Tim being called Ian, an Ian being called Tim and a Robert becoming a Russell – whoops! I try to avoid calling people by their names now if I’m not 120% sure what it is (or they’re wearing a name badge) but there is hope if you’re as bad as me (which I hope you’re not!)  – check out the tips from the Huffington Post and hopefully you’ll never go name blind again.

How To Become A Morning Person Once And For All – Career Girl Daily

Don’t snooze if you want to be a morning person! I’ve stopped hitting the snooze button so much but I am setting 3 alarms half an hour apart though which kinda defeats the object so…! Career Girl Daily covers 7 simple tips to help you get over that hump we all sometimes feel in the morning (although I feel it more often than not!)

Why You Waste Time (And How Not To) – WGBH

You might think you’re making the most productive use of your work-week but are you really using it to it’s full potential? Check this post out to see 3 tips that will help you focus on your tasks and make the most of your working hours.

11 Ways to Stay Focused at Work – The Order Expert

This article has 11 ideas you can use in order to stay focussed whilst you’re working so you can definitely ensure you’re not wasting time when you’re trying to be productive (quick tip: get rid of the cell phone!)

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking With These Foolproof Techniques – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

We will all need to speak in front of a group at some time or other whether it be in front of colleagues or a wedding speech. Ramit Sethi at “I will teach you to be rich” gives some great advice in this post including the S.O.S method – an no, it’s not about panicking and running away!

15 Self Help Books Everyone Needs To Read – Pick The Brain

I’ve read some of the books listed here, but there a quite a few interesting ones that I hadn’t heard of. I’m slowly getting my reading list for 2016 sorted (more on than in January – ooh, aren’t I organised?!) but if you’re looking for a self-improvement book (or books) to read then check out this list.

10 Books You Must Read to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills – Lifehack

Following on from self-improvement, how about 10 books on improving your leadership skills? You don’t even need to be a leader to read these, many of the techniques in these books will be useful in many everyday situations.

The Ultimate List of New Ways to Use a Planner – Giftie Etcetera

I’m slowly falling in love with my home-made paper planner, it’s still very much in it’s early “tweaking” stages at the moment and this post from Giftie Etcetera has some great ideas for additions to it.

Hat Tip: The Well-Appointed Desk

5 Productivity Tips To Simplify Your Work – Strikingly

We all have our own learning and thinking style and has quite a dramatic impact on how we look at and take on tasks. Figure out what your thinking style is with this post and you can then modify the way you tackle tasks.

Update 24/08/17 – Link no longer functioning

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round-up, if you have any suggestions for next week leave a comment, shoot me a tweet or contact me through the website, I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to get in touch.

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