Weekly Round-Up #196: Side Hustles, Chat Bots and Quidditch Pitches


This week we take a look at some side hustle ideas for you if you’re looking to supplement your income or fill in some spare time, how to use Facebook (or website) chat bots to keep your company running 24/7 across time zones and how much some cultural classics would cost (hint: the Death Star costs a lot!).

Weekly Round-Up #196: Side Hustles, Chat Bots and Quidditch Pitches
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Welcome to this week’s round up. I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week. This week we take a look at some side hustle ideas for you if you’re looking to supplement your income or fill in some spare time, how to use Facebook (or website) chat bots to keep your company running 24/7 across time zones and how much some cultural classics would cost (hint: the Death Star costs a lot!).

New In The Productivity Direct Etsy Store

This week we’ve just launched our first weekly planner kit and it’s UNICORN THEMED!!! Yup, you can unleash your inner unicorn in your Happy Planner, Erin Condren or Bujo! Check it out and keep an eye out for the fab kits we have planned for the future

Step-By-Step Guide To Finishing What You Start – Templates.app

Do you start a project with zeal and vigour only to find out your interest wanes and you move on to other things? Well, according to Templates.app you’re not alone! In this article they look at why you’re not able to finish anything and what you can do about it.

How Long Does It Take Your Food To Spoil – Kitchen Cabinet Kings

A couple of weeks ago I shared an article on How long your food lasts and this article extends that by looking at how long you can keep certain items both in and out of the fridge. I don’t know about you but I hate wasting food and will try my best to use it or store it safely so if you want to save money (and help the environment too) check out this article.

51 Side Hustle Ideas For Recent Grads – Self Lender

If you’re not aware, a “Side Hustle” is a job you do alongside your “main” job in order to earn extra funds. Side Hustles tend to revolve around one of your passions – it’s something you enjoy rather than have to go to, and while it doesn’t earn you big bucks to start with a lot of side hustles can turn into profitable businesses. If you want to use your spare time wisely and earn a bit of extra cash but aren’t sure whether then time is right then this article and infographic will help you figure it out – and you don’t have to be a recent graduate either.

Weekly Round-Up #285: Podcasts, Green Tea, Cold Brew & Marketing Plans
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How To Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges – Resume.io

So your side hustle has taken off and you need to leave your job. The thing is, what happens if your side-gig falls flat after 6 months? You may need to go back to your former job so it’s important to leave on good terms unlike the girl below:

Although as she worked for a news company who relied on viral videos she certain showed them she knew her job

Web Design Trends For 2018 – According To 40 Experts – Market Inspector

I know we might be getting towards the end of 2018 but this article has only just been updated and covers 15 pointers you need to consider if you (or your company) are redesigning your website in the next 12-24 months. From colours to virtual reality, there are a lot of items to consider to ensure your website is functional and looks great.

A Small Business Guide To Facebook Chatbots – Headway Capital

You can’t be online 24-7, but a lot of your customers expect you to be. It’s especially difficult if you deal with people around the globe as their timezone won’t match with your working hours. If you have a Facebook Page (and to be honest, if you have a website you should have a Facebook Page) you can set up a chatbot to cover the most frequently asked questions, check out the Headway Capital article to understand what they can do for your business.

The New Marketing Funnel – Campaign Monitor

If you’ve studied Business Management then you’re probably aware of the standard marketing funnel where you make customers aware of your product, engage with them, draw them in and get them to buy. In today’s internet age this funnel has adapted so if you’re looking to market your side hustle and move it on to the next level this revised funnel can help you target your efforts.

How To Dry Flowers: 4 Simple Ways + Decor Ideas – FTD

We’re starting to get to the holiday season with Thanksgiving fast approaching in the US and Canada, and people wanting to get organised for Christmas. Instead of buying some mass produced item that will end up in the back of a cupboard, how about making something personal? You don’t need to worry either, these flowers are a simple and quick way of giving a loved one an extra special gift.

24 Road Trip Hacks You Can’t Live Without – CarRentals

Sticking with the holiday season, I’m sure a lot of you will be piling in the car to take a road trip to see relatives. While it’s great to see family and friends, traveling can be a bit of a pain (especially if you have children) so CarRentals.com has come up with 24 hack you can use to make your trip less stressful and help save your sanity. I’m not sure about allowing people to take their shoes off but the shower caddy for holding food is a great idea!

Weekly Round-Up #244: Toys And Flu!
This week we take a look at organising and cleaning children's toys and the scourge of winter - Flu!

The Costs Of Building Pop Culture Structures – Big Rentz

How much would it cost to build Hogwarts? Well, according to the Big Rentz infographic, about one seventh of the cost of Trump Tower and Hotel in Chicago (looks like Mr Trump should have got a couple of Quidditch pitches for his money!), mind you if he saw the cost of the “Game Of Thrones” wall it might make him change his border ideas…. And dont’ get me started on the cost of the Death Star – who knew Nonillion was a number – although it varies depending on US or UK (UK is better by the way!)

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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