Weekly Round-Up #133: Healthy Living On A Budget, Use Household Items Wisely And New Ways To Do To-Dos


This week we look at how you can spend the last 10 minutes of your working day to supercharge the next, how you can he healthy and still live on a budget, how you can repurpose your old household items into something more useable and why you may need to rethink your to-do list.

Weekly Round-Up #133: Healthy Living on a Budget, Decluttering Your Closet, To-Do List Ideas
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This week we look at how you can spend the last 10 minutes of your working day to supercharge the next, how you can he healthy and still live on a budget, how you can repurpose your old household items into something more useable and why you may need to rethink your to-do list.

How to spend the last 10 minutes of your working day – STL

We’re often reminded how important the start of out working day is – but what about the end of it? It’s really important to tie up any lose ends and prepare yourself so you can get started the next day and this great infographic from STL will give you some pointers on what you need to do at the end of every day.

The Simple Guide to Healthy Living on a Budget (2017) – The Simple Dollar

A lot of people use the excuse of expense for not eating healthily but with proper meal planning and substitutions you can find yourself saving a lot of money. This recently updated post from the team at The Simple Dollar will give you some great advice on keeping a food journal (I highly recommend MyFitnessPal) and some handy substitutions for foods that might be a bit unhealthy (although I’d stand by swapping Light Mayonnaise for standard mayonnaise over an avocado – but here in the UK avocado’s are riduculously expensive!)

38 Alternative Uses for Unused Household Items – CashNetUSA

Sticking with money saving, how about using some of the items you have lying around for an alternative use instead of going out and buying expensive alterntives? From mousemats (we all have a spare one of those in a draw somewhere) as a pot stand, to and old cassette case (your parents will have one of those around somewhere kids!) as a safe way to store earbuds in your bags, there are some surprising uses for a lot of items here.

How to Quickly Declutter Your Closet – The Order Expert

I’ve been in a big decluttering frame of mind recently and have managed to purge two closests and a fair few drawers. I still need to do a second pass though and will be using some of these tips to help – along with my favourite “Backwards Coat Hanger” trick.

Weekly Round-Up #74: Bedtime Yoga, Stop Self Sabotage and I Need To Give Up Coffee?
In this week's weekly round-up we take a looks at how you can stop sabotaging yourself, how to deal with difficult people (although I do have a disagreement with the article) and some secret habits of successful people.

Why Paper Is The Real “Killer” App – BBC Capital

I’ve written about many productivity tools and techniques of the past few months but I keep on coming back to the same technique: Good old fashioned paper – and it would seem I’m not the only one. I’m going to be starting my long-awaited(!) introduction to bullet journalling soon and the popularity of the planning techique just proves people’s love for paper.

Why The Most Productive People Constantly Change Their Methods – Fast Company

Rather than sticking with the same system though, you can actually be more productive if you swap and change every now and again. The theory is that starting a whole new system means that you need to concentrate on it, go through your existing task list and re-evaluate what is relevant and what can be forgotten or what you really need to get on with. I guess this maybe also one of the benefits of a bullet journal in that if a layout isn’t working you can just up-and-change-it to try something new.

10 Surprising Productivity Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind (And Help You) – Makers

Perhaps the system isn’t at fault, perhaps it’s the way that you’re using your system. This article from Makers) gives you a few different tips on how you can rock your productivity including the way that you write your to-do items down – in a cloud related way so that similar items are grouped together.

You Can Now Use LastPass On Multiple Devices for Free – Lifehacker

Okay, I’m late to the party on this one!

Weekly Round-Up #14 – My Brain Is Melting, Spring Clean Effeciently and a Free Download For You
Welcome to the weekly Round-Up for your Easter Weekend. In this post we look at my new downloadable product for you FlipPlan, how multi-tasking can severely damage your brain and how to spring clean your house efficiently.

This post fron Lifehacker is over a year old, but I came across it when I was doing some research on password managers. Security is becoming a bigger and bigger issue as we access things across a variety of devices and LastPass used to charge a per device fee which I felt was a bit unreasonable considering I only use my tablet and chromebook once in a blue moon, but not having access to LastPass on them would make the service unusable as I’d have trouble logging in to things – now it looks like it may be worth a look so if any of you have any thoughts on LastPass (or alternatives) let me know in the comments.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have a great weekend, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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