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Weekly Round-Up #12 – I seem to be obsessed with mornings, clean up that house of yours and walking into things

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Weekly Round-Up #12 – I seem to be obsessed with mornings, clean up that house of yours and walking into things

Phew! Another week over with, and the weekend to look forward to. I hope you’ve had a good week, mine’s been quite an interesting one as I’ve been fiddling with a new productivity system – a “Personal Kanban” and a new piece of software called HyperPlan. In amongst that I’ve been trawling through the internet to find you some interesting tidbits for you to relax to over the weekend.

How Setting an Earlier Alarm Changed My Life – Entrepreneur

All of these people seem to be able to change their morning habits at the drop of a hat – why do I find it so difficult to change? Have any of you out there in the “real world” had any success with this? Please let me know in the comments!

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong Every Morning – Entrepreneur

Sticking with the morning theme, here are 5 things that we should all apparently be doing but aren’t… why are all these articles telling me not to hit the snooze button? I love my snooze button!

Great Days Starts Great Mornings. Start Yours With These Rituals – Make Use Of

Entrepreneurs must be doing something right, and apparently it all starts with their morning routine… urgh! Mornings again!

The Ultimate Guide To Your Most Productive Morning Ever – Lifehack

The article quotes the old saying:

Line drawing of a rose with a splash of colour
Drawing is a great (and cheap) hobby to take part in as it's super relaxing and can help ease stress and anxiety, so we have a great tutorial on how to draw a rose. Now the weather is finally changing, it's time to get out into your garden and we...
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Personally I prefer the saying my Mum used to have on a mug:

“Early to bed and early to rise but think of the fun you miss”

Maybe that’s why I have such an issue with mornings? Still there is something that seems to make us feel like we’re being more productive just by getting up a little earlier

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

9 Things People With Clean Houses Do Every Day – Popsugar

No, it’s not hire a cleaner (although that sounds like a good idea!) apparently it’s as simple as making your bed, emptying the dishwasher and a few other minor items. You’ll never have an untidy house again.

How To Deal With Email After A Long Vacation – Feld

With the Easter holidays coming up, and the summer holidays in the not-to-distant future this article is a timely tip on how to not be overwhelmed by your inbox when you return back to the office after some time off. Via Lifehacker.

Iluustration of person handing over banknote
Personal loans are a way to borrow money if you have large unforeseen expenses. Unlike the federal loans you received in college, personal loans will be delivered to you in full. In this article we look at why you may want or need to take out a loan and some of the things to...

5 Rules for Successful Meetings – Entrepreneur

Meetings, useful business tool or complete waste of time? If you sign up for my Free e-book you’ll find out my thoughts on the matter and Entrepreneur has 5 simple rules to make sure your meeting run smoothly.

5 simple tips to spend less time on your phone – Mashable

What is it with the number “5” in these articles this week?! Anyway, do you find yourself ignoring your friends because you’re staring at your phone? Or maybe you keep on walking into objects as your head’s down due to your fascination with the little screen in your hand. If this is you, fear not! Mashable can help.

Enjoy your weekend!

If you think there are any more articles that we’d enjoy reading over the weekend, please leave a comment below – see you on Monday!

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