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Weekly Round up #11 – Dirty Dishes are a No No, Arm crossing can be okay and never get attacked by a duvet again!

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Weekly Round up #11 – Dirty Dishes are a No No, Arm crossing can be okay and never get attacked by a duvet again!

And….. relax! Another week’s over and we have the lovely weekend to look forward to! In this post I round up some of my favourite articles I’ve come across over the past week so you can have a nice easy read over the weekend and hopefully learn a thing or too as well.

Boost Productivity by Optimizing Your Work Environment – Entrepreneur

If you’re trying to work at home on your kitchen table whilst a pile of dirty dishes is staring at you, this may not be the best option for being productive. This post gives 4 quick pointers for you to look at to imporve your working environment.

Productivity 101: How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work – Lifehacker

If all goes well (read: I’ve got a tonne of stuff to do as well as starting a new job so everything’s up in the air) I’ll be looking into Kanban next week and a tool I’ve been given a trial of that should work quite well with it. Have a read of this Lifehacker post in the mean time so you know what I’m going on about when I discuss to-do’s, in progresses, dones and other stuff!

10 Behaviors You Never See in Successful People – Entrepreneur

Are you fanatical about your belief or business model? This maybe not the best type of behaviour to have.

4 Secrets to Reading Body Language Like an Expert – Time

Are crossed arms the sign of closed body language? Not if it’s Frickin’ freezing in here Mr Bigglesworth. But saying that, don’t cross your legs if you want to reach an agreement with someone.

12 Point Checklist To Get Rid of Awful Sleeping Disorders
Few things in life can feel as traumatic as not being able to sleep properly at night. The hours seem endless, and a feeling of tiredness lingers on during the day too. In this article we're going to take a look at 12 ways you can get a better nights...

18 Things You Should Know About Sleep, According To A Sleep Doctor – Buzzfeed

I’m terrible at getting to sleep. I’m terrible at waking up. In fact anything to do with sleep is so terrible for me that I’ve seen Doctors about it. There are a few interesting pointers in this article though that may help some of you, I know that waking up at the same time each day and forgoing my weekend lie-in has helped me out quite a lot.

20 Daily habits Of Highly Organized People – Lifehack

No paper on your desk and actually opening post every day? No Way Lifehack. I’ve cut my physical mail down to a minimum so I tend to only look at this every 2 – 4 weeks (unless it’s from someone I don’t recongnise), I do agree with everything else though – “me time” and simple solutions are a must.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Yes, You Can Force Yourself to Become a Morning Person. Here’s How – Entrepreneur

Following on from a my previous recommendation about sleep – can you guess I’m not a morning person? A few years of late night shifts sorted out my already whacked body clock and I’ve been struggling ever since. Recently though I have started to slowly get better and some of the tips in this article have been most helpful (apart from book reading – once I start I can’t stop!)

45 Minutes on a Sunday Night Can Change Your Life – AOL Jobs

A lot of productivity systems recommend taking 10 minutes out in order to plan the “big rocks” you need to attend to the next day (the 5 Choices is one of these). AOL Jobs recommends you take 45 minutes on a Sunday to go through you plan for the week and I agree with this, I sit down for a bit on a Sunday and try to figure out what’s due for the next week and what I want to achieve. Doing this clears my mind, helps me focus on what’s important and helps me sleep as I’m not worrying about what I have to consider in the coming days.

How to Keep Your Core Customers Happy
While we all know that excellent customer service is vital when you want to survive as a young business, it’s not always that easy to pinpoint exactly what it takes to have a great relationship with your customers. There are so many other areas to invest in, after all, when...

7 Things Highly Confident Women Do Differently – Lifehack

I’d like to think that I’ve grown into being a confident woman – I didn’t used to be though. If you’re wondering how to act in a confident way – and you don’t necessarily have to be a woman – check out this post, there are some good pointers for those of you who don’t get sent on a training course like I did!

The Easiest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover – Crazy Russian Hacker

Via Andrea’s Notebook

I’ve got my own special technique for putting on a duvet (inside out, top corners, flip and stuff – but I have long arms so I can reach and turn it inside out!) If you’re always struggling then this may help. I don’t know if you’ll be able to work this on a bed but if you have a big enough floor area it looks like an easy fix – although our Crazy Russian Hacker does get a bit out of breath!

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