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Weekly Round Up #10 – Jedi Mind Tricks, Shouty Computers and Venn Diagrams

Weekly Round-Up - Cowboy Lassoing Text

Weekly Round Up #10 – Jedi Mind Tricks, Shouty Computers and Venn Diagrams

Welcome to my weekly round up where I take you through some interesting posts I’ve come across on my travels through the internet. Hopefully you’ll find some interesting reading to look at while you take a well earned break over the weekend.

3 time-management strategies from one of the nation’s top small-business experts – Biz Journal

Time blocking and a maximum of 5 tasks per day seem to a big thing at the moment. I’m not sure I agree with the 5 tasks – some days you can do more, some days you can do less. I am a fan of time blocking and Melinda Emerson uses it to great effect in a small business.

How to get more done based on your productivity style – World Econonmic Forum

Just as we have our own personality types – see my post about Myers Briggs here (spoiler alert, I’m now ESTJ) – we apparently have our own productivity types as well. I took the test and I got the result that I’m a Prioritiser which I do agree with – I love writing down what needs to be done and in what order. Take the test and find out what your style is.

4 Simple Steps to Better Time Management – Huffington Post

Simple tips here, although I disagree with tip 2 “Guesstimate your day”, I think in this case you should actually time track every activity for a few days to give you a better idea of how you’re spending you time. Apart from that it’s a good, quick read.

3 Time-Management Tips That Will Improve Your Health And Productivity – Business Insider

Stop “Half-Working” – or multitasking as the rest of us call it – to get more done. These 3 tips are another quick and easy read but do offer some food for thought.

Person wearing a pink smartwatch
People are always looking for new ways to get things done, even if that means finding new uses for something that has already proved useful. One great example of this is the use of motion capture technology in clinical trials. Motion capture (or motion tracking, or motion analysis) is a...

Use Jedi mind tricks to motivate yourself – Herald Mail

I’m a great believer in mind over matter and in this article there are some tips to trick your mind into making you feel motivated into doing something that you may have been putting off for a while.

4 things to consider before trying a new productivity tip – Mashable

While I’m giving you all these tips, it’s important to remember that I’m recommending them based on my thoughts about how effective or helpful they’re going to be. Quite often we’re tempted to try out a new productivity method as it’s popular but it may not necessarily work for us. This Mashable article gives you some things to consider before jumping in feet first.

How to Develop the Soft Skills of the Successful Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur

I know I talk a lot about time management and project management skills but there are other skills that are equally important to becoming successful too. Entrepreneur gives us a few things to think about and work upon in order to become a super-successful business person.

10 Tricks to Make You Seem Like The Smartest Person in a Meeting – Mashable

Regular readers will know I love moaning about meetings. At Mashable they have a post showing you how to appear really smart even if you’ve done no research – yeay! So get out your board markers, get ready to draw some nifty venn diagrams and nod a lot while asking about “scalability”.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

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How to turn your old phone into a basic PC for cheap – PC World

Do you have an old Android handset lying around? The folks at PC World show you how to turn it into a working PC. Actually, thinking about it, I think my old phone would probably be more powerful that the PC that I use!

How to Stay Productive If You Aren’t a Morning Person – Mashable

I am so not a morning person – never have been and never will be. In this article Trevor Dobrygoski argues that if you’re not a morning person that’s fine, you just need to figure out the best schedule for you. This is all well and good if you’re working for yourself or a company that allows flexible working hours however you will struggle if you’re stuck in a rigid corporate culture.

This weird productivity hack actually made me more efficient – The Next Web

I won’t spoil this simple hack for you but it involves your computer shouting at you.

Should A.I Be Used In Business?
Implementing AI (artificial intelligence) in your business infrastructure may not be high on your list of priorities. Or maybe you've added AI software to your marketing or customer service and are still gauging its effectiveness. You might even be using it through third-party solutions without being aware of it. But...

The Not-to-Do List – 7 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Productivity and Happiness – Entrepreneur

Meetings are mentioned which is an obvious one, but they also recommend not using your phone as an alarm… not sure if I could do that as my actual alarm clock is rubbish!

Manage Your Team Effectively: The Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress – WP Explorer

If you’re running a WordPress site with multiple users then I’d give this post a read, it lists some plugins that can be used to manage people, roles, your calendar and tasks effectively.

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home – Glamumous

Here are 101 handy tips for organising, cooking, making things smell nice – you name it! I particularly liked the idea of cooking stuffed peppers in a muffin tray.

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