Revisiting the MBTI

Revisiting the MBTI

Every now and again I re-take The Myers-Briggs test to keep an track on how I’m doing personality-wise.

When I first took the test back in 2006 I was classed as ISFJ, when I re-took it in 2007 I was ENTJ and just over a year later, I’m still ENTJ! Looks like I’ve found my level!

From WikiPedia:

ENTJs often excel in business. They are assertive, outspoken,
confident, outgoing, energetic, charismatic, fair-minded, and
unaffected by conflict or criticism. However, other traits may lessen
the impact of their strengths. They may appear argumentative,
confrontational, insensitive, intimidating, and controlling. They can
overwhelm others with their energy, intelligence, and desire to order
the world around them.

Interested in taking the Myers-Briggs Test? Check it out here and let us know in the comments how you get on!

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    “Flipping Heck, my wife is an ISFJ. I on the other hand am an ESFP (who likes to be the life of the party). I’m doing an interesting experiment over at my blog. I am categorizing bloggers by their M-B type with a link to their blog.

    For what it’s worth, this may prove to be a great resource to find other bloggers who share the same personality.

    Come on by and check it out. If you would like your blog listed, just leave a comment and I wil make sure to add you to the list. I am not being compensated on the project and there are no ads on my site. This is just for fun and who know’s, it might bring some additional traffic to your blog. :)”

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