Week To Date in ASP

Week To Date in ASP

I’ve been writing an application for work that requires me to display one weeks worth of data, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Below is the code that will find the first Monday and subsequent days dates.

This code would be useful for a calendar system, time-tracking application, project management etc.

‘** Get Today’s Date

‘** Get Which day of the week it is (number)
FirstDayOfTheWeek=Weekday(CurrentDate, 2)

‘** Find how many days until Sunday are left

‘** Beginning of the week (Monday) Date
FindMonday=DateAdd(“d”,-FirstDayOfTheWeek, CurrentDate)+1

‘** End of the Week (Sunday) Date
FindSunday=DateAdd(“d”, LastDayOfTheWeek, CurrentDate)

‘** Work out the dates for various days
Tuesday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 1)
Wednesday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 2)
Thursday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 3)
Friday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 4)
Saturday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 5)
Sunday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 6)

‘** Write Out the days and dates
Response.Write(“Mon – “&Monday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Tue – “&Tuesday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Wed – “&Wednesday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Thur – “&Thursday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Fri – “&Friday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Sat – “&Saturday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Sun – “&Sunday&”<br>”)

Please feel free to use the above code in any project – a mention would be nice too cheeky tongue

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