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Week To Date in ASP

Week To Date in ASP

Week To Date in ASP

I’ve been writing an application for work that requires me to display one weeks worth of data, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Below is the code that will find the first Monday and subsequent days dates.

This code would be useful for a calendar system, time-tracking application, project management etc.

‘** Get Today’s Date

‘** Get Which day of the week it is (number)
FirstDayOfTheWeek=Weekday(CurrentDate, 2)

‘** Find how many days until Sunday are left

‘** Beginning of the week (Monday) Date
FindMonday=DateAdd(“d”,-FirstDayOfTheWeek, CurrentDate)+1

‘** End of the Week (Sunday) Date
FindSunday=DateAdd(“d”, LastDayOfTheWeek, CurrentDate)

‘** Work out the dates for various days
Tuesday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 1)
Wednesday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 2)
Thursday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 3)
Friday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 4)
Saturday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 5)
Sunday=DateAdd(“d”, FindMonday, 6)

‘** Write Out the days and dates
Response.Write(“Mon – “&Monday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Tue – “&Tuesday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Wed – “&Wednesday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Thur – “&Thursday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Fri – “&Friday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Sat – “&Saturday&”<br>”)
Response.Write(“Sun – “&Sunday&”<br>”)

Please feel free to use the above code in any project – a mention would be nice too cheeky tongue

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