Find the Last inserted Auto increment ID in MYSQL with ASP

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It’s taken me ages to find out how to do this (what turns out to be a) relatively simple operation.

Here’s the problem. Table 1 has a user_id which is auto incremented by MYSQL. Table 2 has an auto incremented login_id but also requires the user_id. Here’s how we get one ID from one table to the other:


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objRS.source = “Select LAST_INSERT_ID() from Table1”
LastID = objRS(“LAST_INSERT_ID()”)

Simple! We can then refer to the LastID in Table 2

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3 thoughts on “Find the Last inserted Auto increment ID in MYSQL with ASP

  1. “Could do, but if someone else was updating the recordset at the same time apparently it could get a bit screwey, there’s several ways of doing it.”

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