Want Your Email List to Explode Overnight? Try Out These 5 Viral Quiz Formats

Want Your Email List to Explode Overnight? Try Out These 5 Viral Quiz Formats


If you’re running a small business you’ll know the importance of having a e-mail list to market to your customers but it can be difficult to know how to grow it. In this article Angela White takes a look at how you can use quizzes to reach more potential customers.

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What is the better indicator of a growing business than a growing email list? At least half of your subscribers will eventually turn into loyal customers, thus driving more sales and moving your entire company forward. Even if you run a non-profit, a lengthy email list is still essential to making headway.

But what is the best way to nurture it?

Some say having an optimized website CTA is crucial. Others believe that the key to more subscribers hides somewhere on social media. Promotions, co-marketing options, and offline events come to mind too, but all of these strategies take time, money, and effort. Plus, not one of them guarantees success.

Here’s an unexpected proposal – create a quiz!

Let’s talk about why quizzes make an effective email list-building technique and discuss the best ways to make them irresistible.

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Can You Resist A Challenge To Click?

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In order to understand why quizzes have always been viral, we must put ourselves in a quiz taker’s shoes. While scrolling down the Facebook feed, there are two types of content that usually catch our eye. The first gives us a chance to get something for free, and the second invites us to learn something new.

Coupons, discounts, vouchers and freebies all fall under the first category. In the context of marketing, they are all deemed as effective. The problem is, not everyone is interested in getting something they don’t actually need, even if it’s for free. Unless it’s a really great catch, most of us will keep on scrolling.

The second category includes everything from daily news to opinion pieces to DIY tutorials. It imparts knowledge, both theoretical and practical, that we would like to collect for our treasuries of know-how, and it’s always for free! Be they enlightening or purely entertaining, quizzes belong in this group too.

But in terms of clickability, quizzes are better than both of these categories combined. Quizzes gives us opportunity to learn something about ourselves.

Sure, some quizzes are so ludicrous and trivial that even the most passionate quiz takers would easily pass them by without clicking. But, such quizzes need to have a headline like “What’s your blogging style?”, “How successful in business you are?” or “What type of a quiz taker you are?” This way, customers get attracted towards your quiz.

If you can learn which character from Game of Thrones you are, that newly acquired knowledge about your personality will either give you a self-esteem boost, or point out to some character trait that you need to work on. Either way, that chance to get to know yourself a little bit better is why you cannot resist a challenge to click. And, that’s what intelligent marketers count on when they are creating quizzes.

How To Create A Compelling Quiz?

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1. To Create A Quiz, You Need A Reliable Tool!

Although you get a myriad of brilliant quiz maker options to choose from, always opt for those that are user-friendly, intuitive, and fast. A great tool should also offer multiple types of quiz questions, and allow you to add videos, images, and other types of content. You’ll want to customize your quizzes too, to share them across channels, and to analyse their results, so ask about these features as well.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create multimedia quizzes with Images, GIFS, videos and more then check out TypeForm, a fully customisable quizmaker, which you can try for free.

2. Then, You Need To Choose An Appropriate Quiz Format

For this, you’ll have to return to your audience targeting strategy and review the preferences of your ideal buyer persona. If the person you’re addressing is young and fun, a personality quiz that reveals about ice-cream flavors, they might hit the target. If you’re targeting entrepreneurs, offer them an assessment quiz to learn whether or not they are team players. The possibilities are really endless.

With that in mind, we give you the 5 viral quiz formats that everyone will click through.

1. Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are preferred among bloggers, since they can be anything from “What tropical bird are you?” to “How rich will you become?” In addition to being incredibly fun, this quiz format is compelling because it offers a glimpse into who you actually are and where are you heading in life.

It deserves bonus points for collecting invaluable data that might soon become a part of your CRM base. Every subscriber, and there will be a lot of them, will stand at the top of your sales pipeline until your well-written emails eventually convert them into paying customers and loyal brand ambassadors.

2. Assessment Quizzes

The same applies to assessment quizzes, which are essentially very similar to a personality format. If you want to create a quiz that appeals to infopreneurs and trivia buffs, think somewhere along the lines of “How much do you know about project management?” or “How well do you know your team?”

3. Score Quizzes

Score quizzes are also very popular, since they let you calculate how intelligent, emotional, skilled, or insightful you are. Like personality quizzes, they offer a unique opportunity to learn a little more about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Plus, they can give you a proof for how clever you are.

4. Hybrid Answers

Instead of the traditional multiple-choice answers, why not offer pictures? Buzzfeed has been doing this for quite some time, and others have started to take their lead. If the quiz is, for example, “What type of an entrepreneur you are?” get them to choose between pics of fierce lions and cunning foxes.

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5. Short Answers

Now, all of the previous quiz formats rely on the principle of multiple choice – the quiz takers get a question and respond by choosing one of the offered answers. But, there are other ways to create a quiz. This one allows you to ask your subscribers something, and receive a direct, though short answer.

This type of quizzes typically requires more time, both to create and to take. Also, most people don’t like giving out personal information about themselves unless the reward is truly tempting. If you want to use it as an email list-building technique, take a “How may we help you?” approach and ask your subscribers what it is that they want and need from your niche, but cannot find anywhere around.

Happy Quizzing!

Whatever you choose, quizzes will make your email list grow. Like all great content, they provide a short, but much-needed relief from our everyday tasks, but appeal to our narcissistic side at the same time. And, what else would tempt you to click and subscribe if not a fun cheat sheet for who you are?

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