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Be Creative With Your Website Content

Be creative with your website

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If you have a website, whether it be a service you’re offering or a simple blog you’re keeping to update people on your life, you’re going to need to publish content for it regularly. However, this can’t just be any kind of content, and you’ve got to make sure you’re constantly advertising towards your target market with the right kind of posts. But when you remember all of that, how can you be as creative as you want? Well thankfully, there’s some good ways to incorporate your style and personality into your brand design.

It can be quite simple to do at the end of the day, but when you’re first trying out creating some quality content that still has your own personal spin on it whilst adhering to all the rules of conquering a search engine, it’s like you’re being made to climb a mountain.


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Be Short and Sweet

Depending on the type of website you’re creating for, visitors are going to want to get everything they want out of you in a snappy manner that doesn’t take much effort from them. People don’t like to read too much when they’re online, after all, they still buy books to do that with. So remember that the people who visit you want to be able to scan something you put out there, and still leave feeling like they got all the information they were searching for.

Draw your readers in with a title that’s short and sweet, offering them everything they could want in a single post. Don’t try to be too general, and don’t make it too specific either. When you’re trying to cater to multiple people, you need to be mostly relatable.

Then keep their attention with headers for your paragraphs. Draw them further and further into the content you’ve created specifically for them to keep reading on and on… it’s this method that makes sure they get to the end of the post despite how many words you actually have on paper!

Use SEO Effectively (and properly!)

SEO is something everyone who’s online needs to do to make sure they stay at the top of their game. Sometimes it’s completely unintentional when they do conquer the search rankings! And SEO is a bit of a double edged sword: you can think you’re using it well and still be harming your availability to people searching for you.

As general rules, don’t stuff your keywords in, don’t be too general with what they are, and make sure they’re peppered throughout the body of your content to keep the theme up. You’re going to definitely need to add a couple of keywords into the top of your post, as this is the place a search engine will scan most of all.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

If you need help with coming up with good SEO content and distributing it out regularly, there’s no harm in asking someone else to help you out with it. Being able to move through the digital world is a skill after all. Try out a company like Climb Online for some more personal advice when you need it. Hiring out a professional works well because they’re humans like your reader base who know what people are looking for!

Be Simple But Funny

Your readers are searching for information. At the end of the day, no matter the kind of content you’re producing in every context, that’s usually what matters to them. When someone wants a recipe to follow, they don’t really care about the author’s childhood and why the meal matters to them so much. Similarly, if someone needs instructions on how to build a shelf, they’re going to want them laid out clearly and concisely to follow.

So if your content is struggling to retain people’s attention for very long, it’s time to get a little simpler in what you’re offering. You don’t have to give up all of the catchphrases, techniques, or personal stylings you use. Simply make them shorter and put them in the right places to catch the eye or get a chuckle out of someone.

Give readers what they came for, but let yourself come across as someone just like them at the same time.

Stay Consistent

Try to produce this kind of content whenever you can. Produce it for all of the web pages you have. People will expect to see the same style across a website after all! If you’re suddenly using paragraph after paragraph in one post when the first was a few sentences at a go, you’re going to lose a read on that post. This can go on and on the less consistent you are.

Similarly, get your readers to be consistent because of this. Use the HTML code to your advantage by adding in links and buttons that take people elsewhere when they’re done. It’s an easy solution that allows people to keep on reading and reading, not needing to go in search of what they’re looking for. Plus, if your content is interesting enough, chances are they might get distracted and stay for a good half hour or so.

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Make Sure You Look Good

Looking good is something that’s hard to do online, as coding for websites is hard to master and formatted in a certain way only. You can’t chop and change it the way you would your hair, and dressing it up doesn’t work if you’ve got a flimsy foundation.

Visual appeal is important everywhere in your life, and it’s one of the main exports of the digital world. Photos and videos look good, and they provide people with a sense of reliability, and keep them interested for longer.

Creating good content is not something everyone can do. So if you’re on your way to improving what you put out there, you’re already doing a great job! Keep on with your efforts by adding more easy visual work into what you’re doing, and use these tips to begin to take you to Google’s front page.

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