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Want To Protect Your Business? Install Some Bollards

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Want To Protect Your Business? Install Some Bollards Staff
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Quite a few business owners are realizing how beneficial bollards can be for their company premises. If you’re on a main road, then they can provide protection from any potential car accidents. They can also help with traffic flow, parking, and much more.

That doesn’t mean that everyone wants to hire a professional to install them, however. If you’re considering doing it yourself, then you might need some help. Most of this will be focused on DIY bollard installation tips.

Thankfully, the overall process of installing a bollard is quite easy. You will have to think about what kinds of bollards you’re installing, though. Once you have them installed, however, they’ll form a part of your company’s security, which should keep your products and other assets safe.

Why Your Business Should Install Bollards

If you’re a business owner, you might be wondering why you should install bollards. There’s a significant chance that you assume that they’re for traffic management. While that’s one use, bollards can offer much more than that.

There are several reasons why you might want to install them. The most notable of these are:

Protect Storefronts

If your storefront is in a busy area or located near a street, then there’s always a risk of accidents. These could put the exterior of your premises at risk. A vehicle hit your storefront by accident, for instance. You can mitigate this with bollards

Light Up Dark Areas

While bollards primarily offer security, they can also act as a source of lighting. If you have a parking area or something similar, then some strategically-placed bollards will keep the area bright. That could be a positive sign for you and any potential customers.

Prevent Unwanted Access

There may be certain areas of your premises that you don’t want the general public to have access to. These could be loading and unloading areas for deliveries. Retractable bollards will prevent unwanted vehicles from getting in while also allowing delivery trucks to come and go.

While not all of these benefits will apply to your business, a decent number of them will. As such, they should be worth the investment. They’re also easy to use and uninstalling them, should you decide to, is also quite easy.

How To Install Bollards

You might assume that installing a bollard will be difficult to do. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be the case, although it will take a significant amount of work. The main steps to install bollards are:

  1. Mark installation points.
  2. Auger a footing hole.
  3. Set a gravel drainage base.
  4. Prepare your rebar cage and place it.
  5. Attach your drainage pipe, preferably PVC, and position it flush against a sleeve.
  6. Pour the concrete and allow to cure.
  7. Level the concrete and add your bollard.

Each of these steps will take different amounts of time. As such, you could find yourself waiting to complete another step. There’s no point in rushing, however, as that could lead to mistakes.

Wrapping Up

Your business can benefit significantly from installing bollards. While they take a while to install, especially if you’re doing it yourself, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You could also hire a professional to do so.

With the advantages that bollards can offer, it’s hard to deny that many businesses wouldn’t benefit from them. The pros drastically outweigh the potential cons.

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