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10 Renovation Tips That Transform The Ambiance Of Your House

10 Renovation Tips That Transform The Ambiance Of Your House

10 Renovation Tips That Transform The Ambiance Of Your House

Are you bored of looking at the same shabby rooms’ day in and day out? Feel like you want to move to a new home but don’t have the money? Well, there is another way to resolve the situation within your limited budget. Ready to give your home an upgrade?

Why should you consider a remodel?

Let’s face it- we all live stressful lives. People often overlook one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage stress: create an uncluttered, peaceful home. With our rushed lifestyles, regularly cleaning and organizing your home is a feat itself. So why think about such a time-consuming project?

If you don’t like what you see in your home, it’s possible that your attitude will negatively affect just about everything and everyone. Ask your spouse and your kids! Altering the atmosphere of your home is the way to begin. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and write a list of things you want to change.

There’s no limit to the amount of work you wish to have done. Most renovations are costly, but homeowners often opt this route instead of switching residences. Just last year, the LightStream Home Improvement Survey showed that 58% of Americans were interested in taking on home improvement projects.

Here are a couple of reasons why people remodel:

  • Enhance comfort
  • Improve safety
  • Increase value
  • Upgrade efficiency

But before you decide on any renovation project, it’s imperative to evaluate how it will impact the value of your home. Choose your home improvements wisely. There is a lengthy list of things you can do to transform the ambience of your abode. Here are some:

1. Clear the clutter

Okay, this is not a renovation idea, but it is one quick way to transform the atmosphere of your home. I cannot tell you how rapidly the aura of your home improves just by clearing away the mess. Light a candle, place a few fresh flowers on your dining table, make the beds, fold your clothes, wash those dirty dishes, and give the center table a quick wipe down. You’ll refresh your home within minutes.

Once a month, allow a few hours to deep clean under the bed and the nooks of your rooms. Consider spraying the inside and outside of your house with a natural bug killer to eradicate any pests lurking on your property.

2. Change the furniture

Easier said than done. But it is one great way to rejuvenate your home. With kids and pets, furniture often becomes shabby but there are a few things you can do to make sure your home has the cosiest furniture. For example, if your furniture is past its prime consider selling it. Buy new furniture or revamp the living room sofas and dining chairs. Changing the upholstery is one way of restoring any piece that is near and dear to your heart.

Consider themed furniture, like beach-inspired beds, tables, and chairs, to add a touch of calm and elegance to your interior design. Coastal-themed furniture and accessories are perfect for adding a comfortable and relaxing vibe to any space inside the home.

3. Redecorate

Try something new. You can decide on subtle changes such as buying new paintings, centerpieces, rugs, or curtains. However, if your pocket permits bigger, more expensive projects, consider reinstating the fireplace, changing the carpet, or renovating the floor.

4. Let the light in

Light can be used in three ways: ambience, decoration, and functional. You can position lamps to angle light towards an object that you want to highlight.

But more importantly, the more amount of natural light that infiltrates your home, the better you will feel. An inexpensive way is to strategically place mirrors or shiny surfaces at various points throughout the house. Light will be reflected deeper into the rooms, making them feel more spacious as well.

Another way is to install large windows or roof skylights. Though it’s a bit more expensive, it will allow more natural light to brighten up your home. On the plus side, you can get a great view of your vicinity. As Marc Appleton said, “Half the experience of living indoors sees the outdoors.”

5. Apply a fresh coat of paint

What your makeup does to your face is what paint can do to your walls. The ordinary transforms into ‘extra’ ordinary with a mere coat. Though many prefer whites, you can play around with colors to acquire a mix of warm and cool shades. Creating a balance of tones throughout the house not only gives your home an ultra-modern vibe, but it also helps maintain a good mood. Using blues and greys in bedrooms creates a calming atmosphere while yellow, an energizing hue, is the color of choice for a child’s playroom.

6. Kitchen and bathroom remodel

Bathroom and kitchen remodel are taking the lead (81% and 79% respectively) as they tend to add the most value to your property. You may decide to go all out on your renovation buy constructing a completely new kitchen or bathroom. But if you have limited resources, simply think about changing the fixtures, fittings, cabinet doors, paint, or tiles. Additionally, pick a sanicompact toilet that has its own macerator, because you’ll have no trouble connecting it to a complex wastewater network. It is also easy to install and comes in standard toilet color. With this quality product, you’ll notice the difference in every flush.

On a side note, a kitchen remodel can recover 60-120% of the investment. But remember not to go overboard. The style, size, and quality should match the rest of your house.

7. Refurbish the main door

Your front door creates the first impression of your home. It also sets your mood as you enter. Though changing the front is a great way to enhance the appearance and security of your property, think about repainting it if it’s still in good condition.

8. Add on a deck

If you often entertain, adding a deck could be an ideal renovation for you. Whether it’s summer BB Q’s or spring get-togethers, your deck will offer a private place where you can relax and have fun with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. Though this may seem expensive, it adds class to your simple abode.

9. A touch of something new

Okay, so you don’t have the heart to throw anything away. How about adding a bit of pizazz to brighten things up? Try rearranging the furniture to spice things up or give your home a brand-new look by adding newer pieces of furniture. For example, if your sofa set is in natural tones of beige, add a small red chair or a few colorful, printed cushions to give a livelier feel. The same can be done with curtains, rugs, and other aspects of interior decor to any part of your home that needs an urgent makeover.

Just remember that certain fabrics are linked with seasons. For instance, a cozy throw is ideal for winter. Switching up cushions and fabrics is an economical way to set the mood.

10. Incorporate additional storage

So this links up the first point. So it seems we come full circle. If you have some unused space, and you are looking for ways to declutter, maximize your storage options. Add minimalist storage ideas so you can nicely organize your belongings. Small cubby holes and hanging racks can make storing smaller items more convenient. Consider incorporating these storage devices in cabinets, closets, or any empty area of your house.

Final thoughts

These are just a couple of ways you can redecorate your house. Before you start, research how much time and money you will have to invest. Though some are DIY projects that you can enjoy doing as a family, others are more extensive and expensive. After all, you want to improve the mood of your home. The last thing you want is a stressful remodel that will create bad memories for years to come.

So, take it slow and have fun.

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