Top Tips When Asking Customers For Reviews

Top Tips When Asking Customers For Reviews


Know the best possible way to ask for reviews from your customers. Try given practices in your marketing strategies to ramp up your brand’s success.

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In this competitive marketing, with millions of websites and blogs, and similar content, it is challenging to stand out from the competitors. But the advantage is, with so many brands come opportunities to grow and create unique content.

It’s not impossible to grow your business and acquire new customers, you need to find smart, innovative, and unique ways to grab user attention and get more leads. One way to do that is, to get more reviews.

Speaking of which, reviews are one of the best ways to level up your reputation and grow your brand organically. However, getting reviews in itself is a task. It’s perfect to go ahead and just ask your happy customers for reviews, but you need to ensure extra care towards your approach.

Why Bother With Reviews?

One crucial reason why brands take such actions to get more reviews is that 4 out of 5 Americans read at least one review before making a purchase decision. More often than not, people have avoided a brand due to negative reviews.

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Reviews give out unfiltered and real information about a brand. They help potential customers understand what the brand stands for and how good or effective their products/services are. Additionally, it helps them identify scammers.

83% of consumers look for new products and brands every month solely through reviews. And is a fact that 7% of customers read a minimum of 20 reviews before shaping their purchase decision and trusting a brand.

When Should A Business Ask For Reviews?

The timing is important. To get great and valuable reviews it is important to ask your customers at the right time. The most appropriate timing delivers informational reviews and improves your chances of getting good reviews.

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Here are our recommendations;

  • Right after a subsequent purchase
  • After the product is delivered
  • When you are checking with your users
  • Once a customer project is completed
  • Right after a sales transaction is completed
  • Ask for feedback after a conversation
  • When you know a customer is satisfied with their experience

Best Practices To Incorporate While Asking For Reviews

Now that we have a better understanding of when to ask you’re happy customers for their feedback, and why so much emphasis is placed on getting more reviews, let’s move on to understanding some of the best practices to get these reviews.

Understand The Objective

Before you start asking for reviews, understand why you need these reviews. It is essential to know the objective and purpose of these reviews beforehand. Categorize whether you simply want to know where your business stands, or you wish to measure the loyalty of the customers, etc.

Keeping your goals identified you will be able to curate better templates that are most appropriate and ensure you get better and more informational reviews.

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Embed Existing Reviews On The Website

Once you have a small but good share of reviews, you can start embedding them on your website. This way you motivate potential customers to leave reviews. When someone sees authentic reviews on your website without shuffling between other tabs, it makes them trust you, and their chances of conversion increase.

This is a good strategy to not only improve sales but also influence other clients to leave valuable reviews.

You can embed Google reviews on business website using any reviews platforms like Taggbox Widget. These platforms aggregate reviews from your preferred source and help you embed them on the website using a simple embed code. You can customize and moderate these reviews and align them with your website layout.

Allow Moderate Reviews

If your rating scale is intense it won’t do the trick. Allow your users to tell their most honest opinion, by making sure you add a neutral or a middle option to your scale. In case some do not have a proper answer or mixed feelings about a question, they can choose the neutral option.

This also ensures you get accurate data and reduces the chances of getting negative reviews.

Use The Right Words

What exactly should you say while asking for reviews? Why should any customer even care to post a review?

Offering an incentive is one option, but it is also important to use the correct words. It is a fact that if you add your business name in the subject line of your email the review conversion rate increases by 3.7%

Respond Immediately

If you by any chance get any negative reviews, ensure you respond immediately. Make your users feel valued and important to the brand. Appreciate the customer for leaving a review while ensuring them that you are working towards the issue they brought to your attention.

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You must do this in a timely manner and reduce the chance of leaving a dissatisfied customer unattended and improving your chances of regaining their loyalty.

Over To You!

Asking for reviews can be as easy as simply asking for them. But the way you ask and the approach you use are of utmost importance and make all the difference. You can use emails, websites, direct messages, etc. to ask for requests.

This blog shows the correct timings to request reviews and the benefits they get to your brand. Reviews play a crucial role in your business’s growth and success. The fact that reviews are so important and say a lot about how business functions, makes them this important. Brands take such actions to get more reviews as they are capable of driving sales, improving customer acquisition, boosting conversions, and enhancing the brands’ image in the marketplace.

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