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Three Signs That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Holding You Back

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Three Signs That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Holding You Back Staff
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When it comes to getting your brand out there and connecting with your customers, traditional marketing ploys still work. It makes sense to spread your net wide and make use of all available channels. That said, this digital age we live in makes digital marketing perhaps the most important nut to crack.

If your digital marketing is not landing with your customers, it is 100% worth your while to set aside additional time and resources to diagnose the issues and improve your strategy. The process begins with understanding what’s going wrong. To help you get started, here are three signs that your digital marketing strategy is not hitting the mark.

Low Website Traffic

Whichever channel you’re deploying, your marketing materials should work towards the goal of driving maximum traffic to your business website. If your website traffic data leaves a lot to be desired despite your best marketing efforts, you need to take a step back and rethink your digital marketing strategy.

You’ll need to conduct tests, gather data and make adjustments until you start to see a steady increase in your website traffic. Whether that means tailoring your message to your target audience, calling in experts like Digital Score SEO, or changing the way you distribute content, something needs to change.

Poor Conversion Rates

Website traffic is just one step to success. What’s the point of getting record numbers of people onto your website if they don’t buy your product or subscribe to your service? An effective digital marketing campaign will ensure that a high proportion of your website traffic—i.e. your leads—become customers.

If you’re not seeing great conversion rates even though you’re investing heavily in online marketing, chances are your digital marketing is off base. You may be sending the wrong message, resulting in people visiting your site only to see that your product or service isn’t for them after all. If this is happening, you need to work out where the discrepancy is between the brand image portrayed by your marketing material and the reality of your offering.

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Your Strategy is too Vague

An effective digital marketing strategy is always carefully structured and never static. To maximize the impact of your marketing, you need to make continual improvements based on performance data obtained through past iterations. And if your plan is to ‘try everything on every trending channel’ then you need to narrow things down.

That’s not to say that creativity or thinking out of the box won’t pay off, but unless you define your approach and identify clear goals for your campaigns, you won’t gather enough usable data to help you understand where to go next. Your customer profile should be your starting point. To find a strategy that works, you’ll need to tailor your messaging to your target audience over time, using A/B testing that builds on your performance data.

If your business is showing some or all of these symptoms, don’t despair. Armed with these typical signs that your digital marketing strategy is falling flat, you’ll be better equipped to make improvements.

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