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Customer Success Platform From Salesforce And How It Helps Small Businesses

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Customer Success Platform From Salesforce And How It Helps Small Businesses

The consumer market is different now, and so as the B2B marketplace. People and businesses like to have a one-stop-shopping experience for all things which they want under one roof. You can see the e-commerce B2C portals like Amazon, for example, where you can get anything anytime at a few clicks.

The case is not different in terms of business applications, too, where the users and developers also like to have this one-stop-shop experience. However, even though there is a need for it, there had not been such an all-inclusive technology in terms of technical business administration until Salesforce introduced its application.

Still, there are many conventional and established businesses that are suffering from the shortfalls of the legacy applications which they are using for their operations. These systems were actually good at one time, based on the limited requirement of the users and demands of the marketplace. However, considering the changing global scenario, any lag in user experience could now instantly end up frustrated customers, and loss of business opportunity.

However, Salesforce now acts as an all-inclusive platform that could help improve the functions of enterprise business applications and user experience. Many global enterprises now admire Salesforce as the most effective platform to streamline their business processes and ensure growth. Salesforce CRM is not only the choice of big corporate but putting forth many customized and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, including SMEs.

Salesforce can be used for all sizes of business but in order to fully understand its many benefits and uses, you may want to consider putting your staff through a Salesforce developer certification so you are getting the most out of the platform, also you can check Salesforce doc gen for generating documents in Salesforce.

With that in mind, let’s further explore the relevance of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform in terms of small business administration.

Customer Success Platform as a comprehensive solution

Salesforce Customer Success is a highly customized platform to run any sort of business operations effectively. Along with streamlining the business procedures, it also attracts more customers towards your business, explore new opportunities, and ensure an admirable customer experience too. Customer success comes with many proactive and functionally rich tools that help the business administrators to find and optimize all business opportunities on the way and integrate it seamlessly for business growth.

Sales Cloud of is now rated as the top CRM tool in many user surveys. It is designed in such a way to interact effectively with the customers, keep track of the sales data, effectively handle the data warehousing process, and also to feature many customer care tools. Over the last several years, Salesforce had grown from a standard CRM tool to a comprehensive business management suite by offering many key products and endless supplementary apps now available at AppExchange to meet up with any business requirements. Some examples to point out are:

Sales Cloud

To effectively handle the hierarchical reporting mechanism, business, and financial forecasting, enabling user links effectively for lead closure, etc.

Service Cloud

A tool to be used for effective customer care by exploring many new ways to connect with the existing and potential customers.

A platform with end-to-end business administration tools, comes at the ease of drag and drop customization. apps could be put on the user mobiles too to use anywhere anytime.

Salesforce Communities

Helping Salesforce business users to connect more with all stakeholders and associates, including but not limited to employees, suppliers, customers, partners, vendors, and so on.


To create and manage more insightful marketing campaigns to help generate more leads and revenue.


This analytical cloud platform will help the marketing and sales teams to analyze data on-the-move and identify apt opportunities. It’s a portable, easy to understand, and interactive interface.

Salesforce CPQ

Help generate quote and invoices etc.

Some quick benefits of Customer Success Platform

As discussed above, there are endless ways through which customer success helps the users to explore more opportunities and convert them into business real-time. In fact, it is ideal to have a solid strategy in place to leverage these opportunities at the right time, and for this, it is advisable to have the support of an expert Salesforce consulting like to guide you through the process. Further, let’s discuss a few quick benefits of the Customer Success Platform.

Better management of sales

For those who handle operations, it is much easier to manage the sales teams by using customer Success as it helps to better manage the sales pipelines by identifying the opportunities, defining goals, planning activities, and actualizing those.

Automation of marketing

Customer Success platform could help identify and nurture the prospective leads by focusing more in-depth on the target audience and pitch in with the right solutions for them at the right time.

Customer care

Customer Success also covers an effective customer support process to provide the right services at the right time to ensure satisfaction.

Proposals and price quotes

Users can now easily prepare their proposals and quotes in a moment using the features of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. It also helps in effective business contract management too.

Project administration

For the modern-day multinational project administration environment, it is essential to have centralized management of projects and Salesforce enable it effectively.

Connecting with consumer data sources

As we know, data is the most valuable resource of any organization, and date is there everywhere. You can get a valuable customer and process data from a wide range of sources, both solicited and unsolicited. Salesforce is offering a highly effective integration layer (know why they acquired Mulesoft!) to accelerate the digitalization of customer data and to enable siloed data. It also helps to analyze the relevance of individual user data too to plan for personalized commercial offerings too to take your products and services to the next level.

Comprehensive consumer platform

All the data connection is put on to a platform on which you can get a full 360-degree view of the market and take actions based on the reports and projections. Customer Success platform also has AI-powered features enabling business analytics to custom decide your products and services based on the user demands.

Along with these key areas, Salesforce Customer Success also takes care of inventory management, management of customer and employee portals, work scheduling and routing, as well as accounts and invoicing, etc.

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