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Things A Business Do Before Moving Into A New Office

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Things A Business Do Before Moving Into A New Office Staff
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Whether you’re expanding or relocating, moving offices is both an exciting and challenging time. With so much to think about before the actual move takes place, it can all seem a little overwhelming, especially if you have no plan in place. In this article we’ve compiled everything you’ll need to consider before making the move into your shiny new office space.

Think About Your Budget

Budget is one of the most important factors when planning your office move. With not only the office space price to think about, you’ll need to make sure you’ve considered every detail. There’s the buying and fitting of furniture and fixtures as well as smaller tasks such as painting and decorating. If you’re wanting to save money, why not grab some paint rollers and other supplies and do the decorating yourself? This could help keep your costs down and make you feel as though you’ve truly put your own stamp on the space.

Location Is Key

Location is everything when planning an office move. You’ll have to make sure that it’s easily accessible to everyone who works for you, whether they drive a car and need somewhere to park, need to grab public transport or will be hopping on a bicycle. Another consideration when choosing your location is that it’s also close to local amenities. Not everyone wants to make their lunches at home and some people like to head to the gym on their lunch break. Take a look at the local area and see if it meets your requirements.

Do You Move Equipment Or Buy New?

It’s a difficult decision but one that needs careful consideration. Do you take what you have to your new location or do you replace everything with entirely new furniture? This heavily depends on your budget and what costs you’re working with. There are benefits to both options and ultimately the final decision will depend on a number of different factors.

Layouts And Colour Schemes

How you lay your office space out and the colours you choose can be as on brand or basic as you want – this is where you can let your creativity run wild! A new space could be the perfect opportunity to give your office environment a completely new personality, with bold bright colours or even separate break out spaces for your employees to relax in during their down time.

Get The Whole Team Involved

Getting the whole workforce involved in crucial. Before you move offices, have an open discussion with your employees and understand what they’re looking for in your new space. It may surprise you what they say! Ultimately you want to make their working days/nights as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, why is why it’s important to understand what they want too.

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