The Worst 3 Things Freelancers Can Do In The Bathroom

The Worst 3 Things Freelancers Can Do In The Bathroom

The Worst 3 Things Freelancers Can Do In The Bathroom

Most of the time, being a freelancer is great! Freelancers, especially those who work from home are the envy of nine-to-fivers who spend their days achingly waiting for the clock to hit 5:30. The best part of working from home is unquestionably the commute.

You can take a leisurely sip of your morning coffee amidst some soft jazz while you look out the window at the scurrying commuters, bustling to their places of work in the rain safe in the knowledge that you can be at your desk, primed and ready to roll within a minute.

That said, managing the difficult work / life balance can be tricky for a freelancer, especially when faced with a looming deadline. When you’re working from home, however, the trouble is that you’re always at work.

Of course, any freelancer worth their salt will already have taken this into account. They’ll have established a home office or some other sort of dedicated workplace and made a clear psychological delineation. This space is for work, everywhere else is home. It’s a clear cut line that works for us… Until nature calls. Bathroom breaks are the one advantage that salaried workers have over freelancers. As satisfying as it can be to take a leisurely bathroom break on company time, freelancers know that every moment spent on the bathroom is a potential drain on their productivity. Thus, the humble bathroom break needs to be carefully managed when you’re a freelancer.

Here are some of the worst things that a freelancer can do in the bathroom.

Start A DIY Odyssey

You’re admiring the new sink that you got from Bathroom Takeaway and all of a sudden you notice a leak coming from somewhere. What do you do? Well, what you don’t do is grab your tool kit and embark on a DIY odyssey that will take several hours, as tempting as that may be. When there’s a task at hand, especially one we don’t much relish doing, any other task becomes monumentally attractive (which is why freelancers always have perfectly organised sock drawers). Simply make a log of the issue and unless it’s in danger of flooding the home, get back to the task at hand.

Take Your Laptop In

You might think that you can boost your productivity by taking your laptop with you when nature calls. Seriously, don’t! Firstly, it’s grossly unsanitary. Your keyboard is already littered with the microbes that your filthy hands jab into its crevices, but to subject it to the bacteria festival of the bathroom really is beyond the pail. Moreover, there’s the abundance of water and potential for droppage.

Worse still, working while on the toilet involves some contortions that the human body was not meant to hold for long periods of time. This can result in bad posture which leads to a host of health issues.

Answer Or Look At Your Phone

No phone call is so important that it needs to be taken on the toilet. Your clients, customers and colleagues will notice the faint and familiar echo of a toilet call and judge you accordingly. Not only should you not answer your phone in the bathroom, you shouldn’t take it with you. The smartphone is a hotbed of distraction. Look up from that “quick check” of all your social media feeds and you could well realise that half an hour has passed!

Not only that, think of the bacteria you’ll be transferring onto your phone, do you really want that anywhere near your face? No, I didn’t think so!

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