The Possibilities Of Losing Data And Why Backup Is A Life-Saver

The Possibilities Of Losing Data And Why Backup Is A Life-Saver


Data are lost due to human error, malware, and hardware failure. When data are accessible in times of trouble, the business can run with few interruptions.

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All businesses rely on data. They have to analyze numbers, gather information from clients and competition, keep track of performance-every move has an equivalent datum. In the 21st century, this data is stored and transferred through computers, networks, databases, and all these new technologies.

When these systems and networks are interrupted, the business would likely suffer. In a corporate setting, the stakes are high since money and operations are on the line. The company cannot afford to lose profit and time due to losing crucial data. It is in times like this that data backup is a life-saver.

Data backups are where a duplicate of files, emails, and every vital information are stored and kept away. These are used when data are lost due to several factors, such as human error, malware, and hardware failure. When data are accessible in times of trouble, the business can run with minimal interruptions.

Human error

As the famous line goes, “Nobody’s perfect,” and people grow even farther than perfect when they have become worn out from work. Still, people are prone to making mistakes-despite the circumstances-out of carelessness, accident, or consciously. On average, humans commit up to six errors an hour. That totals to 48 mistakes in a workday.

Taking this number into consideration, an employee has 48 chances of unconsciously or unintentionally deleting a critical email or file. When this happens, operations should come to a halt until they recover the data.

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Viruses, cyberattacks, and other malware continue to advance and become more complex as technology improves every year. In 2019, there is 1 billion malware recorded by AV-TEST Institute. It’s also compelling to note that there is already 402,763 new malware in March 2020-as of its third day.

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Malware infects the computer’s software. It deletes, encrypts, and overall damages the system without the user’s consent. They hide in files, sketchy emails, cyberattacks, or disguised as a useful program from the internet. One example is ZeroCleare, a malware designed to wipe out all the data from the software it has infiltrated through a cyberattack.

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Hardware failure

One day, the PC or laptop may decide to give up. When this happens, every file on that computer will be inaccessible without the presence of a backup. It will take days before the recovery of data since the company will have to contact technicians and maybe send the computer to a shop for fixing.

Hardware failure may stem from interrupted processes during its rebooting. Power surges may also affect the performance of a computer. Overheating and condensation are other factors that damage the little nooks and crannies of the hardware.

Always, always, always back up files

It’s a safety precaution. Nobody ever knows when disaster is going to strike, and it’s best to be ready. Businesses can upload files into cloud storage so that people who have access to the network can conveniently retrieve data or use an external hard drive and keep it somewhere safe. There is a wide range of selections for storing one’s data in today’s world, so there’s no excuse not to safeguard their files.

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