Parental Control Apps: 7 Software to Help Keep Your Children Safe Online

Parental Control Apps: 7 Software to Help Keep Your Children Safe Online


Protect your children from the dangers online with these parental control apps and software.

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In today’s digital world, cybersecurity and network security are important. The assurance that your network and system are secure gives you a sense of peace that allows you to be worry-free when you’re away from your computer.

However, a different threat is also looming online. The unlimited and easy access that everyone has to the internet makes it easy for predators and other cybercriminals to target your children and take advantage of them in horrible ways.

Kids spend a lot of time online nowadays, either on a gaming PC or a handheld device like tablets and smartphones. Protect your kids from the dangers online by installing these online security apps and software.

7 Software and Apps to Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

1. Xnspy

Most Ideal Software for Teens’ Online Safety

Our No.1 pick is Xnspy. Ranked No.1 for the past few years, Xnspy offers 40+ advanced features to monitor teens’ online and outdoor activities. Since today’s parents are worried about threats looming to harm their young ones, Xnspy helps them to drive away cyber stalkers and criminals.

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The app is also ranked higher due to many security features to monitor kids’ social media, phone calls, whereabouts, and online activities in less than $5 per month. Xnspy offers remote locking and control that allows blocking age-inappropriate activates of teens.

2. Bark

Most Ideal for Social Network Monitoring

One of the simplest yet most powerful apps that provide online protection for kids, especially those who are very active in social media.

Although it is a bit expensive, at $99 per year, Bark is one of the most secure online parental apps in the market today. It uses a special algorithm to identify telltale signs and red flags in social media posts, messages, emails, and photos that could potentially endanger your child.

3. Qustodio

Most Ideal for Teens

Known as one of the best parental control apps in the market today, Qustodio is stacked with great online security features that will keep your children safe.

You can choose between a free version that’s already packed with outstanding security features and a paid version that offers even more, including a panic button that they can tap to notify you and give their location in case of emergencies.

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4. Net Nanny

Most Ideal for Younger Kids

Net Nanny allows you to filter specific apps and websites, including sites that contain adult and pornographic content. It also has a remote time-out feature that helps you reinforce screen time rules for your kids.

If you have younger children who aren’t as tech-savvy and you’re concerned about their screen time and accidental run-ins with questionable content, this app will do wonders for you.

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Most Ideal for Those on a Tight Budget

Kaspersky’s free edition has a blacklist that keeps your children from accessing inappropriate content online. It also has app controls that let you manage apps according to times used, categories, age restrictions, and screen time.

For $15, the paid app gives you more oomph that’s best for mobile devices such as battery and GPS tracking, social media usage, and controlled access to age-inappropriate sites.

6. Boomerang

Most Ideal for Android Users

While this app works on both iOS and Android, it has limited functions on the iOS platforms. Android users, however, can fully utilize its impressive parental control features such as managing apps, filtering content, setting up geofences, monitoring text messages, keeping a close eye on YouTube videos being watched, and a whole lot more.

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7. Circle Home Plus

Most Ideal for Your Home Wi-Fi Connection

Okay, so Circle Home Plus is not an app nor software but a device. However, it comes with an app that allows you to closely monitor the internet access of each device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

This generation of kids has unlimited access to the internet, including all of the inappropriate and disturbing content. As a parent, you have to safeguard your children’s online safety. While all of these apps and similar others might help, your guidance will help minimize any unpleasant and traumatic online experiences for your kids.

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