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Why You Need A Reliable Third-Party SharePoint Backup For Your Business

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Why You Need A Reliable Third-Party SharePoint Backup For Your Business Staff
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Have you ever thought of what would happen if you logged into your SharePoint account and found all the crucial files and data were gone? Of course, you would start to panic and probably not know where to start to recover your vital data.

As serious as it is, this could easily happen to you if you haven’t got a reliable SharePoint backup system in place. With the heavy reliance that businesses have on data nowadays, you must not take chances with your valuable data—that could be lost due to accidental deletions, malicious attacks or many other reasons. That is why we will explore why you need to have a reliable third-party backup when using this platform.

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The Possibilities Of Losing Data And Why Backup Is A Life-Saver

Data are lost due to human error, malware, and hardware failure. When data are accessible in times of trouble, the business can run with few interruptions.

Understanding SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft 365’s cloud-based collaboration platform that allows users to store, edit and manage files and even build company intranets. The platform makes it easy for teams to communicate and collaborate on projects for smoother business operations and even enables remote working.

Similar to other Microsoft 365 products, SharePoint employs the Shared Responsibility Model. This implies that Microsoft’s responsibility is ensuring the services’ uptime and availability, and the users are obliged to protect their data on the SharePoint platform.

Reasons For Considering Having A Third-Party Sharepoint Backup

While Microsoft has a built-in backup for SharePoint users, it is still prudent and perhaps crucial for you to employ a third-party SharePoint backup solution for your business if you use the collaborative platform. Below are some of the benefits of using a third party for your data backup on this platform:

They Guarantee Better Data Protection

One of the key reasons for choosing a reliable third-party SharePoint Backup is that these solutions offer better data protection than the platform’s built-in option. These options use some crucial features to enhance data protection, including encryption, more secure backups to the cloud or offsite storage, and many other water-tight security measures.

They Offer A More Comprehensive Sharepoint Backup

Unlike the platform’s in-built backup features, third-party SharePoint backup solutions offer more comprehensive options. For example, these services may provide incremental backups, granular backups, version control, data restore options and even the capacity for metadata and configurations backups.

Another great reason to consider getting a reliable third-party SharePoint backup is that it can usually be integrated with other systems and applications. With such integration, you can have an easier time doing your backups and even restoring data when necessary. Furthermore, it can allow you to enjoy other features such as scheduling backups and effecting automatic backups.

They Offer Better Flexibility And Customization

Compared to the platform’s built-in backup features, SharePoint backup solutions offered by third parties are more flexible and easy to tailor to your business’s unique needs. These solutions may offer extras such as notifications, scheduling backups, implementing data restoration policies and so on.


It is crucial to get a third-party SharePoint backup solution if your business uses the collaboration platform. The solutions offer better data protection, are flexible and easy to customise and can be integrated with other systems and applications. Also, data restoration is easier and faster when using outsourced backup services, thus they can help you save time and costs.

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