Steps To Write A Basic Research Paper

Steps To Write A Basic Research Paper


Check out these 7 Best Steps to Write a Basic Research Paper and create a meaningful piece with efficiency.

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A research paper is a common academic writing assignment. To write a research paper, students and academics must become knowledgeable about a subject. They should adopt a perspective. Also, supporting it with evidence in a well-structured report is essential.

A research paper’s objective is to provide the reader with information about other people’s opinions on a subject. It also uses that knowledge and engages the sources to provide a fresh viewpoint on the problem.

Do you want to know about the steps to write a basic research paper? Have a look below:

Pick A Subject

Keep in mind the time you have available, the length of the paper, your intended audience, and the resources you have access to as you carefully explore your subject possibilities. Explore the research paper topics to pick out the best one.

By checking the library, ensure enough knowledge of the subject you choose. Writing the paper will be much easier if you select a subject that interests you and about which you can take a viewpoint.

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Carry Out A Quick Informational Search

Make a cursory search to see if enough material is available to fulfill your needs before you start your investigation. Apply quick tricks and get more information. This can be used to provide the context for your research. Use the necessary titles from the library’s reference collection. It includes dictionaries and encyclopedias, and other resources.

The other resources are online book catalog, periodical databases, and internet search engines. The books, courses, and assigned readings you have taken provide a more historical perspective. The primary focus of the topic might need to be modified in light of the materials you have on hand.

Make A Broad Outline

A working outline is crucial since it organizes your note-taking. You might need to alter your approach if you run across information gaps or contradictory data while completing your research. However, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation before you begin taking notes.

For writing a quality research paper, you must create a proper outline. Make a list of the subjects you wish to cover in your essay. Create broad categories and more detailed subcategories to group the items on the list into.

Indicate Your Objective Or Thesis

Before you begin your research, establish a thesis statement for your essay that summarizes the point you will make and defend throughout it. Because the rest of your work will be utilized to support your thesis, your thesis statement acts as a guiding idea that will inspire your choice of the sources you will use and set a limit on the number of notes you will take.

Begin Taking Notes

You can begin taking notes once you have gathered your resources and created a helpful plan. Each note must be connected to a subject on your working plan. Each note card should also contain the source’s name and the page number that will be cited in subsequent footnotes.

Make care to use your own words when writing the note. Only use direct quotations when the text is truly original in its expression. Only complete one side of each card to prevent missing anything; if the note requires additional space, use another card and label it properly.

Compose Your Essay

Arrange the information you have gathered first. The second step is to create a rough draft, which involves putting your ideas on paper without giving them a final polish. During this phase, you can organize your ideas and select the format for your final paper.

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Use these productive tips and create an impact on the reader. You should revise the draft as often as you think necessary to create a polished product that can be sent to your instructor.

Give Proper Citations

Give credit where credit is due by citing your sources. Citing or otherwise referencing the sources of the materials you have used serves two purposes: it helps readers of your work reproduce your study and locate the sources you have cited as references.


Choose a topic that fascinates you and about which you can express an opinion or position. Take help from the tips given above to compose a persuasive research paper with proper alignment and complete information.

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