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Are UK Schools Going To Open Despite COVID-19 Second Wave?

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Are UK Schools Going To Open Despite COVID-19 Second Wave? Staff
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We are still facing the coronavirus. At the beginning of the year, most people did not imagine being in the situation the world is currently in. Because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus some time back, many things had to change. People had to remain at home. Wearing face masks was made mandatory and many people lost their jobs. Schools and many other institutions were forced to close down.

As the year goes on, we have come to know more about the pandemic we are currently facing. Through research, we have learned how COVID-19 spreads and ways to treat those with the virus.

The UK government, like many other countries, are planning to reopen schools for a new year. Despite the situation, education is still essential. Many children have been at home for a long period without getting a proper education since schools were closed.

There have been concerns if pupils and teachers are going to be safe when schools reopen. The same concern has been issued as most people are projected to return to their jobs.

The concerns are because of the second wave of the coronavirus. However, parents should not be worried as recent studies have shown that there are low chances of the virus being spread in learning institutions. So, what guidelines and regulations have the UK government issued schools as they plan to reopen?


Social distancing has been credited with helping to stop the further spread of the coronavirus, thus aiding the flattening of the curve. The government has directed that a form of distancing needs to be maintained when schools reopen. However, it is essential to note that maintaining social distancing in schools may be challenging.

The government has asked schools to separate the pupils into bubbles. Some classes will have to be divided into two because of the number of students. For the needed space, schools may have to utilize other available buildings like the library.

Most schools without additional space will have to utilize temporary structures. Smart-Space has been at the forefront in helping many health and education institutions with building solutions during this period.

You should click here to find out more about Smart-Space and how they are aiding schools to have the space they need. Distancing may also be maintained when pupils are being transported to and from schools.


Schools have been instructed to ensure that both students and teachers clean their hands regularly with running water and soap. One of the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization is the regular cleaning of hands.

Cleaning of hands will ensure that pupils have minimal chances of getting the virus if they touch contaminated surfaces. Good hygiene is to be practiced all the times, and this includes when using tissues when one coughs or sneezes.

Schools are also required to regularly clean their surfaces and things that students are most likely to come into contact with. Hand sanitizers are to be provided in school busses.


Many are concerned because more testing is likely to be done as the country is going to face the second wave of COVID-19. Both teachers and pupils will be subjected to tests for the coronavirus. Those that might have the symptoms of the virus will have to self-isolate for a given period. If a pupil or teacher of a class tests positive for the virus, the whole class will have to self-isolate.


The UK government is still doing more to ensure that both pupils and teachers are safe as schools are planning to reopen. It is essential to ensure you follow the government and doctors’ directives as we prepare for the second wave of the coronavirus.

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