The 5 Benefits Of Having Wall Art Décor In Every Home

The 5 Benefits Of Having Wall Art Décor In Every Home


Wall art can completely transform your home, giving it vibrancy and personality. These are the top five reasons why every home should have wall art décor

Statement wall with 3 printed canvases
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Think back to the last space you visited that had appealing, beautifully put together wall art.  Remember how warm, classic, or colorful it looked? Wasn’t it a great focal point that immediately set the tone for the room, communicating the owner’s personality? For this is what excellent wall art should do, and be. Yet, every so often, walls are usually the last to be considered in most interior design projects.

We often don’t give them much thought past a coat of paint. This is a great disservice not only to the walls but to ourselves. Staring at dull, blank walls over time can be depressing, while carefully considered trendy wall art can elevate a room and give it vibrancy and warmth.

What are the benefits of having wall art?

We have established that walls, like other areas of interior design such as furnishing, also require some TLC. In fact, they could turn out to be the most rewarding. Here are some of the benefits you will gain from wall art:

It Completes A Room

Have you have ever stood in the middle of a room in your house and felt that something was missing, yet you couldn’t put your finger on it? Hanging wall art can provide the finishing that a room needs, making it look put together and sophisticated.

It Sets The Mood And Tone Of A Room

Imagine walking into a room in the middle of a bitter winter to find a large beach canvas hanging over the mantlepiece. Immediately, you imagine walking barefoot along a sandy beach, with a gentle breeze on your face as the sun sets beyond the blue waters. Suddenly, your mood lifts, and you feel lighter and happier. Depending on the theme and colors you choose, wall art can communicate certain feelings or evoke a certain mood.

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It Gives Vibrancy And Color

Nothing can transform a dull room with bare walls faster than colorful wall art. Having the right piece of art in a strategic place can add vibrancy and life to a room. Similarly, if you are confused about the color palette to use for the rest of the room, starting with wall art can set the tone and help you narrow down your choices.

It Provides A Focal Point

An unwritten rule of interior design is that each room should have a focal point. This is an element that immediately draws your attention when you enter the room. Carefully placed wall art, such as a painting over the fireplace or a family photo gallery in the dining room, can elevate the spaces and communicate harmony.

It Communicates Personality

The type of wall art you choose to exhibit can powerfully communicate your personality to others. If you visited a home where flowers hang from walls, you might associate the host with Spring, and hence joy and laughter.

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Pictures of guitars or other musical instruments on the walls will immediately tell you that you are visiting a music enthusiast. This means that what you put on your walls tells other people who you are, and it may even, albeit subconsciously, set the rules of engagement.

What Type Of Wall Art Should I Settle For?

There are numerous types of wall art that you can use on your walls. There are no hard and fast rules about what type of wall art you should have. In fact, mixing and matching textures and colors can give you great contrast. What you settle for should be dictated upon by your space, taste, and needs.

For instance, you could hang photography, canvas, mirrors, metal, sculptures, tapestries, posters, or paintings. Quite literally, what you put on your walls is only limited to your imagination.

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After you decide on the type of wall art, the theme will depend on the space, personality, and the mood you want to communicate in each room. You may decide to hang nature, skylines, abstract art, beach art, or inspiration from music, movies, family, sports, or books.


As we have seen, wall art is the unsung hero when it comes to tying a room together, adding vibrancy and color as well as setting a tone. The type of wall art you settle for will depend entirely on your preferences and space. I have been going through a bit of a ‘beach phase,’ letting the walls of my living room transport me to the beach with colorful canvases of blue waters and stunning sunsets.

This has been such a mood lifter, particularly under COVID lockdowns! If you would like to see some beach canvas ideas, you can get loads of ideas from here Happy wall-arting!

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Benefits Of Having Wall Art Décor In Every Home

  1. I do agree when you shared that having a piece of artwork can make the room look put together and sophisticated. My wife and I are planning to hang some paintings in or home in order to make it look more lively and appealing. I will suggest to her get the right piece of artwork from a reliable painter that suits our home

  2. What an informative article on the benefits of wall art decor! I really agree with you when you said it sets the tone and mood of the room. I personally try to get lighter colors so that the room seems more uplifted and energetic. What colors or themes do you usually recommend for wall art decors in a bedroom?

  3. I love that you explained how wall art could add color to a boring room. My wife and I are re-decorating our house, and we just realized we don’t have any art pieces on it. We think it’d be fun to add some artwork to our home, so we’ll start looking for it next weekend. Thank you for the advice on art decor and how it changes your room’s vibe.

  4. I like that you pointed out how nothing could transform a dull room with bare walls faster than colorful wall art. I think the walls of our house are a bit too plain, so I am thinking of hanging some paintings on them. I heard there are scenic New Mexico acrylic paintings for sale now, so I am planning to check them out.

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