Self-Publishing, Word's rubbish Page Numbering and Help Required

Self-Publishing, Word's rubbish Page Numbering and Help Required

Hello all! Long time no speak!

Well, after two weeks off I returned to work refreshed and replenished – which is just as well considering the workload I had on. It didn’t help also that I’ve had a really rotten cold for the past three weeks, which has just only decided to start letting up.

Also, I’ve been working quite hard behind the scenes and have finally published my first book – and before I hit 30 which was my goal – yeay me!

If you’re interested (or just nosey) you can download a free sample chapter of “Managing Web Projects – How to manage the full project life cycle with minimum hassle” here or you can buy the ebook or paperback versions from It’s priced at $19.99 for the 128 page paperback and $9.99 for the ebook.

I have to say that I think deciding on the pricing was the most difficult part of the whole process! It’s really hard deciding on what’s over or under charging. After doing some research – which wasn’t easy as there aren’t too many books on the same subject or in the same niche – I think the pricing levels that I’ve come up with are pretty fair. Actually, it was a bit of an eye-opener to see some ebooks with less content selling for over $80 a time – I hope they’re worth the money!

The process of creating the physical book was surprisingly simple, just upload your Word Document ot PDF and you’re basically good to go. I ordered a proof copy (publishers get to buy their own books at cost rate) and I found that I didn’t like the way that the chapters were laid out as some were starting on the left-hand pages which just didn’t look right to me. So, I simply made sure that all chapters started on an odd pages and voila! One happy formatted book.

Another issue I had with the proof was the page numbering. Word’s default settings are, to be frank, pants. You obviously don’t want page numbers on the first few pages (where the inside title page, dedication, contents etc. are). After a bit of digging on the Interweb I found a handy little feature in word that allows you to alter page numbering. Instead of inserting a standard “Page Break” to force a blank page, choose “Section Break” instead.

Section Break
Section Break

This then allows you to separate headers/footers from the previous pages.

Same as Previous
“Same as previous” and “Format Numbers”

You can then delete page numbers by selecting the header/footer and clicking on the “Same As Previous” button (ringed in red above). Restarting page numbering on another page is simple too. Separate the headers/footers with a section break, stick the cursor in the header/footer where you want the page numbers to restart and hit “CTRL+F9” two curly brackets will appear Within this, type

PAGE * Arabic

– The formatting and spacing is really important here – then right-click and select “Update Field” and there you go, page numbers!

What you’ll find is that the first time you do this – on the page that should technically be page “1” of the book, it will still show the number of the page that you’re on. Click on the “Format Number” button (ringed in blue above), then select the “Start At” and enter the value, simple eh?

Start at value
“Start at” page number value

You can find more information on Page Numbering in word at the “WordMVP website”.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the books arrived. To be fair I did select the “Express” Delivery option but as it was only $6 more that the standard charge I thought it would be silly not to! I ordered the books on the Friday and they were printed and at my door on the following Wednesday – not too shabby considering they had to cross the Atlantic!

My one complaint is that doesn’t appear to have affiliates functionality. It would have been nice to give people the choice to resell the book. I’m guessing the reason for this is to push you into getting your own ISBN so that you can sell the book through bricks-and-mortar stores and online retailers such as Amazon. I’m considering it but I’d like to sell a couple more copies first. Currently the price is $145 (approx.

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