What I've been up to these past few weeks

What I've been up to these past few weeks

I know I’ve been strangely quiet and only popping up ocasionally – withgood reason though!

I’ve been working on a rather large project at work which has beentaking up the majority of my time and energy. At home, I’ve been busilyorganising my CD collection – which I’ve been meaning to do for quite along time.

So far, so good. The majority of my CD collection is now on my Mac Book- the only problem is that my poor 4 gig Nano can’t cope with them allnow. I’m a bit reticent to upgrade to the new 3rd generation Nano as Idon’t know whether it’s compatible with my i-Station(the website says it is but I’m never sure about these things!), orwhether I should upgrade to a video i-pod or something – suggestionswelcome!

I’ve also been playing with a new feed reader called Shrook. It’s looking pretty good – although I can’t seem to find a way to move the preview pane across the screen rather than have it in a third/fourth column.Shrook allows you to sync your feeds across multiple Macs, plus it hasthe added advantage that you can read your feeds via a website if youdon’t have access to a Mac with Shrook installed.

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Oh, and best of all, it’s free!

I’ve also been fiddling around with Open Project to see if it’s suitable for work and home projects. This is a free project management tool for the Mac, similar to Gant Project and Open Work Bench.So far it looks like it has the same (if not more) functionality, but the interface is a bit clunky which is a shame.

Open Project
So, the search continues for a project management tool I’m happy with -looks like I may have to build my own!

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