Quit Smoking or you're fired

Quit Smoking or you're fired

Article Found at MenaFN.Com via Simply Fired:

BERLIN, Dec. 3 (UPI) — A German man is fighting his employers’ decision to fire him for violating a voluntary no-smoking policy that rewarded him for giving up cigarettes.

Sandro Beier was terminated by Laserline after a private detective the company hired caught him smoking in his backyard, the Telegraph of London reports.

The company offers a monthly bonus of about $117 to employees who sign the no-smoking pledge.

Babett Deuse, operations and risk management supervisor at Laserline, said Beier’s home smoking was equivalent to lying and defrauding the company.

Beier said he smokes only on rare occasions when he’s stressed out. His attorney criticized the company for spying at their employees’ homes. An employment tribunal will rule on the legitimacy of the firing next week.

How Bad is that? Private Detectives following you home – I. Don’t. Think. So!

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