Sony in hot water again


Sony in hot water again

Sony’s “other” DRM software can leave your computer open to attack reports the BBC:

The statement warned that anyone putting a music CD bearing the MediaMax software in their PC introduced a vulnerability that malicious hackers could hijack to win control of a machine.

Users were vulnerable to this loophole even if they did not install the copy protection system on the music CD on their home computer.

Sony BMG said the MediaMax copy protection system, which is supposed to stop people making illegal copies of CDs, has been used on 50 titles sold in North America.

It said approximately six million CDs using MediaMax have been shipped to stores. Affected artists include Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Faithless.

What on Earth are Sony playing at? Are they trying to alienate all their customers in one fell swoop?

At the moment it looks like it’s just America and Canada that are affected, but judging by the way they handled the XPC fiasco, more countries/cds will come out of the wood work. A list of MediaMax “infected” CDs can be found on the Sony Website.

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