Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Home Office

August 1, 2018 By Joe Peters

Every business has to start somewhere and in order to keep costs low, quite often start-ups get up and running in the owner's home. In this article Joe Peters looks at how you can run your home-based startup smoothly from the comfort of your … Read Article »

Office Management

5 Tactics To Take The Stress Out Of Your Office Move
July 31, 2018 By John Pfeiffer

Running a business is a challenge in itself. The last thing you want to do is to add more stress to your workday but as your business scales and grows, you may quickly outgrow your current premises. In this article John Pfeiffer takes a … Read Article »


Five Steps To Boosting Productivity In The Workplace
July 30, 2018 By Mark Johnson

We spend the majority of our lives working so it's important for employers to make their employee's lives as easy as possible in order for them to achieve peak productivity. In this article Mark Johnson looks at 5 ways you can look after your … Read Article »


Should A.I Be Used In Business?
July 28, 2018 By Kevin Faber

Implementing AI (artificial intelligence) in your business infrastructure may not be high on your list of priorities. Or maybe you've added AI software to your marketing or customer service and are still gauging its effectiveness. You might even be using it through third-party solutions … Read Article »

People Skills

How to Survive and Thrive as a New Manager
July 24, 2018 By Annick Nuyens

If you're lucky enough to be promoted you may think to yourself "Do I deserve it?" Well, my first thought would be "Yes, of course!" unless you're a complete brown-nosing sycophant you earned this! If you're a new manager then this guide will help … Read Article »


Do You Understand Your Business?
July 23, 2018 By Staff

You might think that you understand your business, you did create it after all. But do you actually understand the inner workings on what’s going on, and what’s pulling the strings behind the curtains? In this article we look at a couple of things … Read Article »

Career Development

5 Ways To Use Language Skills To Get Your Next Job
July 22, 2018 By Leila Dorari

If you're looking to develop your career, how about using (and improving) your language skills to get ahead? In this article Leila Dorari looks at 5 ways you can use language skills to improve and enhance your career prospects. … Read Article »

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